24 Pics That Prove Parents Are So Smart Yet So Dumb

Diply 15 Dec 2017

I'd like to think that all parents are doing a wonderful job raising their offspring, but chances are, most of them are barely getting by. I say this because being a parent is difficult, sometimes too difficult. Case in point, reverse sleep cycling. Have you ever heard of that hellish infant phase?

I guess that every parent deserves a pat on the back sometimes. I mean, way to take one for the team. Now the rest of us selfish heathens don't have to procreate.

1. It looks like the lunch break is going to be lit. 

Twitter | @KenzieeStrangee

Why would you ever tell your mom she gave you pure lighter fluid in a can? I would be riding that high for as long as possible.

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2. If you don't pull this prank on your impressionable children, do you even deserve to be a parent?

Twitter | @thenatewolf

In case you were wondering, the correct answer is no, you don't deserve to pass along your DNA.

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3. This is what the kids call pop, locking, and dropping. This is also why you need to let mommy get out more.


Maybe if she had a girls' night, she would get a chance to shake off some off that sass.

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4. There is no easy way to tell your child that he or she is adopted, but there is an unnecessarily cruel way to break the news.

Reddit | Mballar33

This kid's going to need therapy.

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5. What's the point of letting your kids use social media if you can't document them making a fool of themselves?


Way to bring shame to the family, Madison. Your father and I are so disappointed.

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6. "When in doubt, kick the demons out," is NOT an acceptable motto for parenting a toddler. 

Imgur | GrumpyCosplay

There will be many times you think your infant is possessed, but it's really just a tiny human having a mental breakdown.

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7. This kid is toast. 

Twitter | @Sarahiou

This is a good way to waste an entire loaf of bread for no reason. When you have tiny mouths to feed, you can't afford to needlessly waste carbohydrates. I guess some people are bougier than others.

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8. Do some fun activities with your son, they said. It'll be fun, they said. 

Twitter | @santiaago_96

I guess it's only fun if you don't have to pay the hospital bill. Free health care never looked so good.

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9. Well, how else would you remember who is who? They're twins, people!

Twitter | @_ElamigoJr

If Dr. Seuss can pull off Thing One and Thing Two, than why can't these kids do it?

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10. There is only one way to establish dominance, and it's to fight the household pet.

Twitter | @xplodingunicorn

Once you have successfully earned your spot at the top of the food chain, you too can enjoy a tasty treat.

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11. First of all, any parent willing to publicly shame their own flesh and blood is a parent that I don't want to mess with. 

Imgur | thefattestmatt

This seems like a good time to mind ya own business.

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12. Moms don't even let you take a hint, they force the hint down your throat. 

Bored Panda | Dovas

The hint is never nice. The hint isn't even a hint, it's usually a demeaning comment.

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13. If you're not having children for the sole purpose of training full-time backup dancers, then you need to check your priorities. 

Imgur | ReferentialEquations

It's mom's world and we're all just living in it.

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14. When you mix bodybuilding with parental punishment, you can expect public humiliation. 

Imgur | FoeHammer

Unless you like to be looked at funny by strangers, in which case, keep up the good work.

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15. This is literally the saddest thing I have ever seen.


If someone doesn't start a GoFundMe for this child, I will scream. He is going to Disneyland if it's the last thing I do.

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16. Typical middle child, always overreacting to being forgotten. 

Tumblr | Purest Little Part Of Me

If only you weren't so sensitive about being completely neglected. Maybe you'll be a firstborn in your next life. Only then will you get the honor of being your grandfather's namesake.

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17. If your mom can make a Mean Girls reference, she is definitely a "cool mom." 

Tumblr | sunlight baby

Trust me, you're lucky. Most moms know nothing about popular culture. Plus, Regina George's mom would be so jealous!

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18. You gotta do what you gotta do, when you gotta do it. 

Reddit | Crawlerado

Every mom knows the breast form of nutrition for your baby. Did I say breast? I meant best.

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19. Most dads wait till later in life to bail on their children.


At least this dad came back. Some people don't reunite with their fathers until their late 40s. Count yourself lucky, little guy.

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20. Maybe she's losing her eyesight. Progressive vision loss is not a joke, people. 

Twitter | @rachelsleeve_

Also, if she loses this contraption, you can always stick it to an adult diaper next time.

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21. If your mother didn't do this, then you don't know struggle. 

Twitter | @jordankahana

For years, I never knew what corn flakes actually tasted like, because I was eating a combination of generic weekly sale cereals.

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22. When there's a park around the corner, but you're too lazy to walk for five minutes.


This is how back problems happen. Please exercise caution when pretending to be a functional swing set.

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23. Sometimes, you just need a little boost. 

Imgur | be4uUPVOTE

Usually, you're supposed to support your children, not the other way around. But it's 2017, and times are changing, so I'll give this papa a break.

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24. What a fantastic way to sneak booze while supervising your children.

Twitter | @cassiewalek

Alcohol makes the whole parenthood thing a lot more bearable, especially since you don't have to get glares from parents in the carpool lane at school.

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