16 Packing Hacks From Travel Pros

Diply 24 Jan 2018

Trying to cram everything you own in a tiny carry-on is more important than ever. With checked baggage fees rising, and the need to bring everything you've ever owned on a trip increasing in popularity, these travel hacks have come at the perfect time. As a person who literally sleeps in hotels more than in her home, I've personally tried almost every single tip on this list, and let me tell you... They can hack it.

1. Pack shoes in a shower cap

Facebook | Americas Best Value Inn

Not only does it keep everything neat and organized, it also keeps the rest of your clothes from wearing whatever you've stepped in all day. Win, win.

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2. DIY a toothbrush holder from a clothes pin

Tripsavvy | Tripsavvy

You may prefer to just leave your toothbrush strewn on the bathroom counter. I prefer to easily DIY a clothes pin into a holder, and enjoy my tooth-brush dirt free. No judgement, though.

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3. Use an old pill container to store Q-tips

Facebook | UnitWise

We all have some of these lying around anyway, so why not put them to good use? You can easily store Q-tips in these old pill containers, keeping them dry and in one piece. Decorating the bottle is optional but highly suggested.

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4. Use a carabiner for your rings

Her Packing List | Her Packing List

I think carabiners are a gift to the world. I never travel without at least a couple on hand. I use one specifically for keeping my rings safe (it's not like you want to wear them all at once while walking through the airport!)

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5. Use a clip to pack your razor safely

Facebook | Tropitel Hotels & Resorts

This hack raises my safety consciousness significantly. I want you to be able to reach into the depths of your toiletry bag and have nothing to fear. By simply attaching a binder clip to your razor, you can safely stow your sharpest razor to go.

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6. Use a multi-pocket pouch for your toiletries

Instagram | @simplifyyourspace

Saving tons of space comes down to how organized you are willing to be. Using a pouch like this one can easily allow you to maximize storage. Take the time and play a little Tetris with your items.

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7. Use straws to pack creams

Mighty Girl | Mighty Girl

Who needs to pack a whole tub of cream you're only going to use a couple times? Just doesn't make sense, tbh. Instead, just cut a straw to any length you want, fill to the desired amount, and then seal with tape.

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8. Stop, drop, and ROLL 

Instagram | @flying.bagel

I've been saying this for years and years and still people don't listen. It makes a HUGE difference when you roll your clothes vs folding. You save a ton of space and decrease wrinkling.

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9. Use plastic wrap to avoid spillage 

Facebook | Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Bedford

We've all reached into our suitcase and discovered a lotion that's spilled into everything. I mean everything! Simply place plastic wrap in between the bottle opening and the cap and save yourself the drama.

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10. Use a pill box to store jewellery 

Travel Fashion Girl | Travel Fashion Girl

Rings and bracelets and anklets, OH MY! Any small jewelry you want to keep safe and in one place can all go in a pill box. Small and easy to transport — you'll never lose a ring or earring again!

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11. Put creams and gels into contact cases 

Facebook | Suzanne Smikahl

This is one of my favorite hacks out there: taking contact lens cases and filling them with all your necessary liquids and gels. Take a sharpie to those bad boys and you have yourself an organized and protected area for your liquids.

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12. Organize your clothing with resealable bags 

Instagram | @b_positivo

The original packing cube! Use resealable bags to organize things like undergarments, socks and bathing suits. To keep it as environmentally friendly as possible, use the same ones over and over. I've had the same ones for 8 years!

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13. Use an old Tic-Tac container to store hair clips 

Stylecaster | Stylecaster

I really hope that wherever all my lost bobby pins are, they're together and happy. This trick of using an old Tic-Tac container is the only way I've found to minimize bobby pin casualties.

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14. Use a sunglasses case for your electronics 

Her Packing List | Her Packing List

We all have an extra sunglasses case lying around (or 20) and it's the perfect size to keep your charger, earphones and other small electronics, once again keeping things organized and protected.

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15. Use a carabiner for all your hair ties  

Pinterest | SilviaFilologa

Another amazing use for a carabiner. Have I mentioned already how much I love them? This is a great way to bring all those extra hair ties along and NOT continuously lose them. It's also easy to attach this to something inside your backpack or suitcase.

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16. Line the inside of your suitcase with some tape

Instagram | @elliegtv

This is my personal tip and insider secret. I never go on a trip without lining parts of my suitcase or backpack with some gaffer tape. It takes up NO space and can be used in a crunch. Just rip small pieces off when needed throughout your travels.

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