Ever have one of those nights where it started out as "let's go grab something to eat, get some drinks," and it ended with your eyeballs spinning in their sockets? One of those magical evenings where any semblance of good ideas went right out the window after the third round of drinks, and you totally lost it by the time the kitchen closed?

You're not alone. So many times I've wound up hunting through my kitchen for some scrap of food to gnaw on, only to remember that I'm a terrible adult and I never cook anything.

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I know that feeling. The good news is, if you shout into a Pringles tube long enough at 4 a.m., the cops might come. And if they have donuts, well, looks like you've lucked out.


Hopefully, it doesn't come to that. A little planning and your night can be saved. Just put that mystical layer of alcohol-soaking greasy food in your gut before you get crazy, and watch half your problems disappear.

After all, isn't it better to start the night like this...

...and not finish it like this?

The warm feeling in your tummies is all the reward you'll ever need. Trust me, you'll thank yourselves later. You know, if you can.

After all, you don't wanna end up like old St. Nick here.

Should've had them cookies before you left, bruh.