16 People Obviously Hating Their Lives Right Now

Diply 14 Feb 2018

Hating your life sounds pretty dramatic, unless you happen to be one of these unfortunate people, and then I think it's totally valid. The good thing is, it will probably never be as bad again. The bad thing is, you'll probably never recover from such a bad day.

1. This person, who really wanted to get into the glove compartment of their car, but nah

Reddit | Amersaurus

It's not like there's another way to get in or anything. They just really have to hope they don't need anything from there like say, their licence and registration, or whatever.

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2. The owner of this little fish 

Reddit | CWilds4572

Okay, probably the cat too. Because there's no way this can end well for any pet involved. And the poor little fish has no idea how bad this day is going to get. Just keep swimming, little fella.

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3. This person who just wanted to start their day off with a fresh cup of coffee, but no, the universe had other plans 

Reddit | Twigsnapper

Silver lining: At least the mug didn't break mid-drink because that would have been a whole other level of disaster.

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4. The owner of a phone that's not getting charged anytime soon

Reddit | Reddit

If that's not a sign to lay off your texting habits for a bit, I don't know what is. Also, this is a very clear argument to show why you should never buy knockoff chargers, it just never goes well.

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5. The person who opened this cupboard

Reddit | spannerNZ

And so badly wishes they hadn't, I bet. There's no faster way to do a pantry clean-out than to destroy everything you have in there from the get-go.

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6. Whoever decided they were going to try and make it home with a very large can of paint

Reddit | sorenanker

But decided the street needed a fresh coat instead. Lovely color though, at least they got that part right.

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7. Bob Stocklas, who has never envied his brother more 

Reddit | Yamezj

I feel like this is exactly what would happen to me and my sister if we ever played the lottery. All you can do is smile and pray they don't hold years of bickering against you.

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8. A guy who just wanted to be adventurous and try something new 

Reddit | stamp_of_approval

But maybe leaping into rugby wasn't the best way to go? At least he's getting his head in the game.

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9. This couple who was set on living their dream, until that dream very much ended

Reddit | lklkemc

The amount of bad jokes these two are facing is so unfortunate. Not as unfortunate as having your dreams sail away into the distance without you, but hey.

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10. The person whose smoke alarm isn't much of an alarm at all

Reddit | TheSilentCool

I desperately want to know if it made a sound as it caught fire. Like, was it aware that it was failing at the one job it has?

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11. This athlete that lost a race by only a fraction of an inch

Reddit | BunyipPouch

So close, yet so far! From this day forward, they will be haunted by a moment so small that a picture was needed to verify that it was even true. Sports, man.

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12. This person, who just wanted to lie down, but the couch had other plans 

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

Apparently, those plans involved forcing this person to try some serious yoga moves. This is why I never trust a bed that isn't always a bed.

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13. The owner of this car that is clearly disguised as a snowbank 

Reddit | FedyaSteam

I love that they knew it was coming. Like, they left their wipers up for a reason, and now it's a lost car— I mean cause. Winter always wins.

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14. Whoever is in charge of cleaning up this dangerous mess

Reddit | soulkeyy

Not only will it take them forever, but that's a lot of glass and a lot of potential to make this situation go from horrible to tragic.

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15. Todd, because everyone else is probably hating his life too

Twitter | @SteveSuckington

I don't know what Todd did, and I'm not one to hate a stranger, but I am pretty disappointed, just like everyone else in this town.

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16. And this person, who can't even try to escape the bad day

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

If it's a car key, they're not budging. If it's a house key, they can't even get inside to lay down and sleep off the bad day. Overall, this is the worst.

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