Movies are supposed to be enjoyable, and they're time for us to shut off our brains for a while. 

Well sometimes, apparently, we turned them off a little too much, and let some questionable things slip by us. 

There are certain movie moments that we didn't realize were way off base until now, like how in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the owner is essentially a madman, torturing children who will never be the same again. 


Or how about Mark in Love Actually who's in love with his best friend's girl, and proclaims his love for her behind his bestie Peter's back. 

Haven't you ever heard about suppressing your feelings, bud?

There's also the entire premise of The Hunger Games.

No, that's cool, we'll all enjoy an entire series about children who are pitted against each other to fight to the death for a bunch of rich peoples' enjoyment. Pass the popcorn. 

Do not even get me started on the age difference between Edward and Bella. 


He was over 100 years old, dating a 17-year-old. That's gross, guys. That's gross. 

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Check out the video below for more moments from movies that will make you say, "Hell to the no!"

How many of these did you let slide back in the day?

COMMENT and tell us which moment gave you the biggest case of the gags!