There's No Real Reason To Fear These 13+ 'Creepy' Pics

Diply 10 Oct 2018

Perhaps I'm just not the type of person who gets scared very easily, or maybe I'm less afraid of the supernatural and more afraid of real-life terrors — like commitment or laundry day. Regardless, the pictures people find "creepy" or "scary" on the internet these days are nothing short of yawn-inducing, and more humdrum than a bee in a bongo.

So, today I'll be examining these apparently horrifying images and put all your fears to rest.

1. Close Encounters Of The Turd Kind

Reddit | DoubleTFan

Not to sully our first picture with a scatological premise, but that's a pretty crappy costume/cutout/whatever. Why are its eyes redder than the art teacher's and looking in different directions? This isn't an alien — it's another moth meme, isn't it?!

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2. Another annoying kids' toy. 

Reddit | 180by1

Well, this just sounds like a spoiled daughter and a yappy dog. The doll is saving batteries even — I assume it's solar powered or a wind-up mechanism. Point is, give it a good scrub, replace the eyes and give it to someone who would appreciate such an efficient toy, like Elon Musk or someone.

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3. Like having kids' art on your fridge.

Reddit | holleyfieldart

Trust me, I've seen worse artwork from kindergartners out there that's a lot more disturbing than this. Why is that flower ten feet tall, Susie?! And why is your mother's head the shape of the Goodyear blimp?! Kids, man.

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4. Haha, Mondays — amirite?

Reddit | Reddit

This is basically how I see every Garfield comic strip — not very funny and pretty gross to look at, actually. Check out the way his shrimp-eating grin makes him look a bit like a really high Seth Rogan.

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5. Not exactly the hotel from The Shining, but pretty specter-cular. 

Imgur | Greeeeeeeg

The Imgur user who posted this pic, Greeeeeeeg, said, "Had to walk by this in my building at 3AM."

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Long story short, turns out it was just a sheet on a rack, because of course it is!


Turns out that every ghost sighting IRL is just a load of sheet.

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6. If a demon poops in the woods and no one's around...

Reddit | beardynolando you still find it scary? I see how it looks cool and all, but that's definitely the reaction of someone being walked in on in the bathroom.

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7. Well now, that's just bad for the environment. 

Reddit | queenmother

Don't go around ditching your old toys in the woods, kids! Apparently you can sell these things on eBay for, like, a dollar, so why not just do that?

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8. Time to clean out the attic. 

Reddit | d4hm3r

Did your eye go straight to the clown in the window? Or did it notice the lucky horseshoe above the door? Aha! See, that's why we'll survive in this horror movie of ours.

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9. The real victim here is the art of photography. 

Imgur | Imgur

Yes, we've established that kids are creepy, but the glowing effect in the eyes is only due to the fact that CAMERAS SUCKED BACK THEN. Nowadays, people will add, like, 15 Snapchat filters to get this look.

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10. Let's face it, you just suck at cooking. 

Reddit | xdrugfreex666

It's okay — this is basically how things turn out every time I try one of those "fun" Pinterest ideas. Just let these dishes die already!

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11. Monster in the woods.

Reddit | AWildGopherAppeared

I'm not exactly gorgeous at 6 in the morning, either. But what's with all these "monsters" having glowing eyes and smug grins? Who do they think they are, Beyoncé?

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12. "A friend went for a walk the other night and saw this woman just standing on a roof." —ewilliam 

Reddit | ewilliam

Poor lady, she's probably just trying to get the satellite dish working again, but it's bloody hard to see without streetlights around! I blame the city for that one.

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13. "Me and my sister were going through some old pictures when we noticed something odd." —deadcell113113 

Reddit | deadcell113113

Because shadows aren't a thing. Even if it was some kind of Slenderman standing over there, they seem to be minding their own business. Maybe you should too!

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14. Ayy, mate — you aight? 

Reddit | directedbyray

I kinda feel bad for this poor bugger having to walk home in a snowstorm like that because he's too tall to take conventional public transport.

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See, I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking this way. 

Dopl3r | Dopl3r

Again, this "monster" seems to be minding their own business, so let's just call it here and relax for a bit now.

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