16 Images To Fuel Your Nightmares For The Rest Of Your Days

Diply 5 Apr 2018

Have you been sleeping well lately? Trying to get in a solid seven or eight hours of sleep while having peaceful dreams of sunny days and puppies and rainbows?

Wanna change that?

Oh, come now. Why get a good night's sleep when you can fall down the internet's hole of nightmares and freak yourself out for many nights to come?

Forget Stranger Things. These 16 images are way more disturbing. But in a fun way! Kinda...

1. What fresh hell is this?

Imgur | DarmokatTanagra

Turns out, a whole mess of hornets decided to build this massive nest around a mask in someone's garage. Best way to fix that is to burn the place down and never go back.

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2. Speaking of creepy winged stinging insects...

Reddit | devdevo1919

"Kids, let's go play in the backyard! It'll be fun!" Or not. "But Daddy, I want my ball!" Too bad, junior. That ball is as dead as your childhood.

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3. Have kids, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Imgur | Feelfreetomessageme

This woman's daughter wanted to be a ghost for Halloween. Who knew there was such a fine line between "ghost" and "soul-sucking embodiment of all evil"?

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4. When you like Halloween but not trick-or-treaters.

Imgur | bthec

Forget cute Jack-o-laterns with their toothless smiles. That is so last decade. If children don't run screaming and crying from your home, you've failed The Great Pumpkin. And he'll have his revenge.

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5. Isn't it fun what you can do with makeup these days?!

Imgur | wxfxw

Most girls are just into smokey eyes or contouring. But where's the challenge in that? Plus, the undead look is so hot right now.

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6. Welcome to my home. Please help yourself to a snack...

Reddit | airistoomainstream

Out of the disembodied head of a beloved Star Wars character. But be warned: You might find the food a little...Chewie. Ha! Get it?! Why are you crying?

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7. Hey kiddos, do you wanna piece of cake? Well, do ya?

Reddit | Well_ThatsCool

If you're not scarring your children for life on their birthday, can you even call yourself a good parent?

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8. Grapes with a little extra protein.

Twitter | @TheScaryNature

See, this is why I don't even bother to try to eat healthy. I just don't like it when I bite into some fruit and it bites back.

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9. Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water...

Reddit | Reddit

WTF? Seriously, Mother Nature? You didn't think life was challenging enough without sea predators that can swallow us all whole?

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10. Anyone hungry for some sushi? No? 

Imgur | Imjustherefortheluls

This fish cannot believe its rotten luck. I mean, seriously, it just looks so surprised, like doubly so! He just had to go and open his big...mouths.

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11. Seriously, bird of prey, you need a pedi, stat.

Twitter | @NatureIsScary

War, famine, the collapse of civilization as a whole. And now we need to worry about getting clawed to death by giant birds descending from the skies above. Neat.

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12. Fido sees you. Fido sees all.

Imgur | StephanieCruthirds

Everyone's always talking about how amazing dogs are, how they're so loyal and smart. But no one's talking about how they can also see right into your very soul. And they are not impressed.

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13. Pretty kitty wants some kibble right meow.

Reddit | phoecusTV

"This product was not tested on animals." Uh huh, sure it wasn't, huge makeup company. I have a Kardashian cat that proves otherwise.

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14. First-world problems are as real as they are terrifying.

Reddit | Reddit

All you want are a couple of slices of 'za and a cold beverage or two. But you open the box to discover this atrocity. Why, cruel fate?! Why?!

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15. I'm developing anxiety just looking at this.

Imgur | miles31337

OMG, what kind of monster did this or let this happen? Seriously, someone get me a paper bag to breathe into because I'm about to pass out.

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16. Oh, you need out right now?

Reddit | dwells7583

But do you have the key? No? That's a shame. You can't get out without the key. I guess it's not that much of an emergency after all if you don't have the key.

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