If You Hate Tattoos, This New Ink Trend Might Just Prove You Wrong

Diply 13 Apr 2018

For years, I was totally against ever getting a tattoo. Fast forward to now, and I'm trying to limit myself from getting more than the few I already have. If you went, "Nah, that'll never be me," after reading that, I might just be able to change your mind.

There's a new(ish) tattoo trend floating around that's being described as perfect for people who hate tattoos. Many celebrities are getting them, and they're as beautiful as they are unique.

If the thought of covering yourself in ink makes you cringe, never fear. 

Instagram | @tattoo.on.style

I totally get it — tattoos are a massive commitment, even with the laser tattoo removal services we have today (which, mind you, are seriously expensive and painful).

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Tattoos are an excellent way of expressing yourself using art and your body, but I can totally appreciate why they're not for everyone. 

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Even small tattoos can still be quite noticeable. And if you're just not down for that, you're probably against getting inked.

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Would you even be against getting a small, dainty, and totally artistic tattoo like this one? 

Instagram | @romeolacoste

Don't worry. I can still change your mind. Because this new tattoo trend is nothing like getting a traditional black or color ink tattoo.

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Ever heard of white ink tattoos? Well, you have now. 

Instagram | @elliegoulding

White ink tattoos are done using, well, white ink, and because of that, they're super subtle.

A while back, Ellie Goulding took to Instagram to show off her white ink arrow tattoo.

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White ink tattoos are extremely subtle, especially when done on lighter skin. 

Instagram | @whiteinktattoo

But if you might just be on board for a white ink tattoo, there are some things you should know before taking the plunge.

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White ink is far less saturated than traditional ink and very light, so it's easier to see how the skin raises after getting a tattoo. 

Instagram | @doa_tattooer

Because of this, your tattoo might get some 3D shadows, which can make the ink pop a bit more.

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As with all tattoos, the ink will slowly start to fade over time. 

Instagram | @whiteinktattoo

But because white ink tattoos are already so light, they often fade to transparency or sometimes even a grayish-green color.

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It's important to note that unlike traditional tattoos, white ink tattoos have very little form. 

Instagram | @little.tattoos

Because they're so subtle, you tend to see them by way of their shadows. Over time, many of them can look like scars.

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Many tattoo artists will refuse to do white ink tattoos simply because they're somewhat rare and require the hand of a tattoo artist who's experienced in doing them. 

Instagram | @may15tattoo

So make sure you do your research, and find a skilled and knowledgeable tattoo artist.

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But if you like the idea of a very subtle, simple tattoo that slowly fades over time, white ink tattoos might be perfect for you. 

Instagram | @whiteinktattoo

After all, they require a lot less commitment.

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Kendall Jenner sports a white ink tattoo of a broken heart on the inside of her finger. 

Refinery 29 | Refinery 29

Fellow model and BFF Hailey Baldwin has a matching heart on her finger, but hers is done in red ink.

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So, if you like the barely-there aspect and simplicity of white ink tattoos, why not go for it? 

Instagram | @whiteinktattoo

Just make sure you choose a reputable tattoo artist who has done them before.

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