16 Abandoned Buildings Being Totally Taken Over By Nature

Diply 7 Mar 2018

Humans are able to quickly alter the natural landscape like nothing else.

But nature, even though it's much slower, is the most powerful force of all. Within just a few years of a human-built structure being abandoned, nature reclaims it.

You could say that life, uh, finds a way.

1. This is why Detroit is a mecca for urban explorers.

Reddit | RyanSmith

The city is full of abandoned places, in different stages of being reclaimed by the natural environment. It's the best place in the world to view urban meadows — natural areas that were once developed, but then abandoned.

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2. This looks ominous.

Reddit | Reddit

This fort for plague research in St. Petersburg, Russia was isolated from the mainland out of necessity. Now, long abandoned, the salt air and constant dampness is beginning to take its toll on the stone walls and buildings within.

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3. This beach house will soon be an aquatic house.

Reddit | Meunderwears

The ocean is an incredibly powerful force, even if it works its magic extremely slowly. This abandoned beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina is well on its way to being reclaimed by the Atlantic.

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4. Abandoned decay with a view.

Reddit | loulan

You're looking at the Pavillion Keller in Isère, France. It was once a stately home for Charles Albert Keller in the French Alps, but now the stately mansion is starting to show its age and fall apart.

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5. This looks like it's from another world.

Reddit | Teillu

A whimsical, multi-storey treehouse with its own dock, this must have been quite a sight in its heyday. But all good things must come to an end, and nature is taking over.

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6. No more flights.

Reddit | jvesche20

An abandoned airfield, complete with hangers and full-on planes, never to be flown again, was found by a Redditor who was flying his drone around in the mountains.

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7. Rising oceans mean a lot for some homes.

Reddit | itsthegreek

This house on Holland Island, Maryland, is fortunately abandoned. It's fortunate because it looks like it's about to become a part of the ocean.

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8. A leafy lobby.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

Lots of hotels go for a green, natural motif, but after they've been abandoned for a few years it's time for actual nature to move in for good.

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9. Maybe just stick to the top floor.

Reddit | harambememberberries

This shopping mall in Bangkok has been shuttered for more than 20 years. In that time, the lower level has become a lake, while some shrubbery has moved in.

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10. That's pretty unexpected.

Reddit | ethan_kahn

This abandoned courtyard, complete with its vines and greenery, would be a perfect example of nature reclaiming buildings. Then you factor in that there's also an abandoned fighter jet, and things get weird.

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11. After the gold rush.

Reddit | BunnyipPouch

When people flocked to the resource-rich western states in the late 19th century, they left behind all sorts of hastily-built wooden structures, like this long-abandoned mill in rural Colorado.

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12. Show's over.

Reddit | nsfwdreamer

No more movies will play on the screen of this abandoned drive-in theater. But with that stunning backdrop, it could be argued that nature should have had top billing in the first place.

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13. Even whimsy gets abandoned.

Reddit | XjaggsterX

I don't know what the story behind this awesome house is, or who it belonged to. But now it belongs to nature, and it looks like a stiff wind could knock it over.

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14. Hotel au naturel.

Reddit | steff404

This image shows that, once the ceilings give way, buildings give way to nature pretty fast. It's still clear that this was once hotel room, but that distinction is fading by the day.

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15. So abandoned that it's got trees on the roof.

Reddit | ethan_kahn

Long-term, I don't know what's going to happen to these trees or their root systems. But it's pretty obvious that the cottage itself will eventually be totally gone.

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16. A hallowed place.

Reddit | ryguy_1

This abandoned chapel, with its huge windows and abundance of natural light, has probably always been beautiful — and, it could be argued, that beauty is only intensified as nature encroaches.

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