13+ MUAs Who Deserve A Fine Arts Degree

Diply 12 Oct 2018

We all know that makeup is an art. The application, blending, and precision everyone brings to their own looks is proof of that, but what happens when people take their art to another level? Well, you get masterpieces.

Want to have your mind blown? Walk with me, friends, and we'll spend the next little while in total awe.

1. A graffiti skull takes a lot of skill. 

Instagram | @beholder.of.beauty

Come through, pastel skull realness! Artist @beholder.of.beauty did something totally unique here, especially with the teeth and their roots dragging downward. And the lashes! I'm just in love with this whole thing.

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2. Spiderman ain't got nothin' on her. 

YouTube | Madeyewlook

0% of this look involves clothes. 100% is makeup and paint. I KNOW, RIGHT? This crazy AF look is by Youtuber MadeYewLook, who is renowned for painting herself into just about anything. She is total magic in human form.

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3. Behold, a spray-on masterpiece. 

Instagram | @ania_makeupcreation

The creativity here is off the charts, people. While many people have done a take on the half-done makeup look, @ania_makeupcreation elevates it to another level by adding spray paint-like textures and comical, almost mime-like lines. AMAZING. Her work involves lots of gold and bright light, and you should follow her, like, rn.

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4. Rainbow lightning > normal lightning. 

Instagram | @lilyywhite_

TFW you're all about lightning at sunset. This amazing look by @lilyywhite_ uses a whole palette's worth of color, plus some silver/white liner and glitter. I love that she kept the brows simple to allow for the color to really pop. Her looks are so bright and neon, and she does lip art, too!

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5. Half human, half machine, 100% art. 

YouTube | Jaclyn Forbes

Not only does YouTuber Jaclyn Forbes slay with a beat face, but she also slays at special effects makeup and making super realistic prosthetics. Oh, and she rocks a bald cap like no other!

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6. Same, same, but different. 

Instagram | @stephh_lau

If you wanna try the mask-of-face-on-face look at home, @stephh_lau has a version that's a little easier to DIY, and it's a great way to freak out your first dates!

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7. Out of this world glam.

Instagram | @lexusmperezz

There's? A planet on her eye. Like. A whole planet. And stars. Right there. On @lexusmperezz's eye. The purple and black swirl beautifully, but it's the white liner and stars that really take this look above and beyond.

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8. Wonder Woman realness.  

Instagram | @cakefacerj

What kind of witchcraft? I had a hard time picking just one look from @cakefacerj's Instagram, not gonna lie. The cartoon Instagram brows are the perfect touch — it keeps the look modern and fresh, while also being creative as hell. Bow down.

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Instagram | @soolmuaz

Art but make it fashion. Literally. I do not know how this happened or even why @soolmuaz did it, but I know that I'm obsessed with it. The gold lip liner representing the frame is a detail I would never even think to add.

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10. I really did think that was Kylie for a sec. 

Instagram | @thealexisstone

If you don't know who @thealexisstone is, allow me to introduce you to the master of celebrity illusions. Alexis can turn himself into anyone, thanks to his incredible talent and fantastic cheekbones. He's done celebs like Kim Kardashian, RuPaul, Jane Fonda, and more!

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11. Gucci gang! 

Instagram | @vaingaloremakeup

Your outfit is not complete if you don't have Gucci snakes on your eyes. Sorry, I make the rules. Actually, @vaingaloremakeup does. I have no idea how she painted over her brow for the back curve of the tail, but then again...magicians never reveal their secrets.

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12. Ice cream delight. 

Instagram | @santoslunaramirez

@santoslunaramirez could have stopped at the lips, but he really went hard and did the dang thing. The double-layered drip on the side of his face has shadows so believable that I actually did think they were real. And also I want ice cream now.

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13. Rihanna would be proud. 

Instagram | @kaneshiashana

This! Is! Incredible! Pulling from the cover of RiRi's album Anti, @kaneshiashana has the colors here all crash up against each other, rather than blend. It's such an awesome style choice, especially the touch of gold above her lip.

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14. Another transformation master. 

YouTube | Makeupmag

Another celebrity illusionist, Makeupmag has turned herself into every celebrity you can name. Here's her turning herself into Kim Kardashian, but she's also done other celebs like Kevin Hart, Drake, Beyoncé, and more!

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15. It's a total eclipse! 

YouTube | Hortenzia Karolyi

Hortenzia Karolyi has some amazing tutorials on her YouTube page, many of which mix makeup with nature. This otherworldly galaxy look is done using a face chart as inspiration, and I think she totally nailed it.

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16. This girl is on fire. 

Instagram | @aangelsimms

I am speechless. This gorgeous look is hot from head to toe. It's fire. It's so many wonderful things that I'm punning too hard. But seriously, @aangelsimms' look evokes the most powerful fire goddesses and superheroes. Y-E-S.

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