I can only imagine that as an actor, you would hear the word "cut" being shouted at you a lot. At least, I know that would be true if I somehow ended up on the big screen. Between my consistent clumsiness and knack for forgetting absolutely everything, there would no doubt be more blooper reel material than actual usable footage.


Even the most talented of actors can make mistakes, though. Most of the time, they have to go through multiple takes to get the scene exactly right. Sometimes, however, a mistake happens while the cameras are rolling, and the director doesn't yell "cut." And if we're lucky, those mistakes end up making it into the movie because they ended up working out so well.

Some of these movie mistakes are so well known and laughed at (looking at you, Stormtrooper who hits his head on the door frame.) That's one movie mistake that I'll be forever grateful was left in the movie. 

Other mistakes are so iconic because the amount of devotion and talent that goes on just can't be replicated, like the time Leonardo DiCaprio famously cut his hand open while filming a scene in Django Unchained. How that didn't win him an Oscar, I'll never know.

In the end, we're just so relieved that these mistakes were left in the film because the movies just wouldn't be the same without them!

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