We Have A Lot More In Common With The Grinch Than We Thought

Diply 5 Dec 2017

These days, anyone who's lacking even the slightest in Christmas spirit is labeled a Grinch.

I can't even mention that I don't like "Silent Night" without somebody concluding that I also hate joy, love, families, tradition, and baby Jesus.

And for the longest time, I thought that being like the Grinch was a bad thing. At least, until I realized that he's actually way more down to earth and relatable than people make him out to be.

In fact, he may have had it right all along.

I don't dislike Christmas music; I dislike overplayed Christmas music.

Tenor | Tenor

Look, it's not German composer Franz Xaver Gruber's fault that I don't like "Silent Night."

It's the fault of my elementary school principal, Mr. Sirois, for making me and the rest of my schoolmates sing the tune a capella in the hallways of our school.

It's the fault of every grocery store and radio station for playing alternating versions of the same Christmas songs on an endless loop for all of December.

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I don't hate buying Christmas presents; I hate that I can't afford to buy Christmas presents.

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I have two brothers, three sisters, one nephew, a mother, a father, a stepfather, a boyfriend, and at least three close friends. Suddenly, I have to pick and choose who I can and cannot afford to buy gifts for.

And even though Christmas isn't really about presents, I'm still here not knowing how else to express love during the holiday season.

Sometimes, I wish the Grinch would just steal everything and level the playing field.

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I love shopping, but I cannot stand the mall in December.

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Shopping is an activity near and dear to my heart, so it's pretty alarming when something is able to come between me and my addiction.

That something is, of course, the crowds which swarm the mall at Christmas time.

It's not the holiday but the people who turn the experience from retail therapy into "I am going to need actual therapy."

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I'll be jolly as soon as everyone quits FORCINGme to be jolly.


I have no problem participating in office-wide Secret Santas or ugly Christmas sweater parties.But I sometimes wonder whether I take part in these things because I want toor if I do it because excluding myself just wouldn't be worth the judgy backlash I'd get from everyone else.

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Ultimately, I am the Grinch.

Sizzle | Sizzle

Because the Grinch never hated Christmas — he hated all the excessive traditions that people tagged on to the meaning of the holiday.

He just wanted to avoid those seasonal obligations and binge-watch TV without all of Whoville singing in the background.

And me? Well, I just want to spend a couple of vacation days with my family and not be shamed for changing the station when "Silent Night" comes on.

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