16 Moms Who Prove That Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number

Diply 5 Mar 2018

A youthful-looking mama is both a gift and a curse.

It means you'll likely inherit her incredible genes, but you'll also have to put up with people telling you your mom is hot and asking if you're siblings.

And while there are hundreds of thousands of beauty secrets out there that offer endless youth, I'm convinced that some people just have "it."

These stunning mothers are proof that you're only as old as you feel! Take a peek at 16 moms who prove that age ain't nothin' but a number!

1. Vanessa Williams and her daughter Jillian Hervey.

Instagram | @vanessawilliamsofficial

I swear, Vanessa Williams has looked the same all 27-years of my life! If you've ever heard the phrase "black don't crack," she is what we're talking about!

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2. This mama who can probably share clothes with her daughter.

Instagram | @lisandrateran

She's slim, she's stylish, and she looks so young! What's not to love? I bet she gets invites to just about anywhere her daughter goes!

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3. This mama who looks as young as her teenage daughters.

Instagram | @kienyabooker

Since you can't find her, she's on the bottom. As if we aren't envious enough, can you believe this beauty has had three children and still looks this flawless?!

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4. This mama who could be mistaken for her son's girlfriend.

Instagram | @ad_smith0

"She woke up like this." Clearly. I literally thought this was a picture of a couple. Come to find out, she's the basketball player's mother! She's definitely a natural beauty.

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5. These Taiwanese beauties.

Instagram | @sharon701111

These women are 36, 63, and 41-years-old! They say water and veggies are the key to a youthful look. Somebody pass me 2-gallons of water and some carrot sticks, pronto!

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6. This mama who everyone mistakes for her daughter.

Instagram | @aleea616

I thought I was looking at the same person in two different photos! This beauty says the only thing she didn't get from her mom was her teeth. Regardless, they're stunning.

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7. This mama who can hit the bar with her daughter.

Instagram | @kelsbaron

How cool is it to take your mom out for drinks with friends and everybody to think she's your sister? This mom looks like the life of the party!

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8. Valerie Morris Campbell and her daughter Naomi Campbell.

Instagram | @valeriemorriscampbell

She got it from her mama! Naomi is just a few years shy of 50-years-old...let that sink in. Maybe her mama can point us to the fountain of youth.

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9. This mama who looks like her daughter's sorority sister.

Instagram | @jemayka

They say laughing is the key to a youthful life. Well, she must do a ton of it because she looks amazing!

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10. This mama who makes her twins look like triplets.

Twitter | @kaayyllaan

I'm convinced she's found the secret for eternal youth. I'm not going to admit how long it took me to finally look up the answer to "Who's who?" in this photo.

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11. Georgie Smedley and her daughter Jazz Smedley

Instagram | @georgiesmedley

I guess when you act like best friends, you start to look like best friends. I can hardly tell that these two nail experts are mother and daughter!

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12. This mama whose daughter is her mini-me. 

Instagram | @pinkwheelpottery

Look at all that hair! This instagrammer calls her mom her "twin," and I can definitely see why! She's got nothing to worry about when she gets older!

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13. Yasmin Le Bon and her daughter Amber Le Bon.

Instagram | @amberlebonofficial

You can't tell which one is the mama, can you? Neither could I! The 53-year-old model and her 28-year-old daughter are definitely goals!

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14. This mama who looks younger than her daughter.

Instagram | @jordananderson_16

No shade! A good looking mama means a bright future for any daughter. They both look great, but she literally looks like her daughter's younger sister.

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15. This mama who can rock a purple lip and China bangs.

Instagram | @ayanna_anikamua

This Instagrammer captioned her photo saying that she couldn't wait to look like her mom in twenty years, and I don't blame her. Mama got it goin' on!

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16. Polina Maximova and her mom Svetlana.

Instagram | @polinamax

COME THROUGH, SVETLANA! This mama looks half her age and she is absolutely gorgeous! What's the secret? Is it the robe? If so, where can I get one?!

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