11 Pics That Take A Moment To Process

Diply 16 Dec 2017

Life is full of moments that surprise us. It can be the little things, getting Super Liked on Tinder by a guy who doesn't look like a literal serial killer. Or it can be big things, like finishing a whole pan of chili cheese nachos yourself when the h8ters said it was for four people.

But then, there are moments that LITERALLY make you question Earth, like these ones...

1. Imagine being this teacher I'm screaming!!!

Twitter | @bottlerocket

I want to like, no offense, marry a man like this!!! Cause I take literally nothing seriously, let alone hella awkward parent/teacher conferences, so YEAH PLS.

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2. This timeless conundrum. 

Twitter | @Buh_ryan<br>

Why don't I lose weight when I eat something healthy? Cause no offense, when I eat literally one french fry I gain five pounds — but kay that's cool??

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3. I would like to scream a lot of things at Siciliy rn.


Square pizza is stressful, but square pizza in a microwave is...beyond the valley of the dark,


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Also, literallllllllly screw you for thinking I can't just eat a normal-sized round pizza made for multiple people. That's literally so rude.


Do you think my mom raised a quitter?No, didn't think so.

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4. This is truly an...unspeakable situation.

Instagram | @pablopiqasso

Okay like, first of all, bananas aren't even that hype tbh. Strawberries? I'd mess with that. Watermelon? OBVIOUSLY. Avocados? LIKE, DUH!


Absolutely not.

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But ya'll know I'd be hella snapping, Insta-storying and tweeting out this tragedy to my fans.


Cause truly, if I have to suffer, you guys have to suffer too.Second-hand embarrassment yassssss honey.

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5. Like, no offense but who even wonders this?

Reddit | BillyBigBallsMcGee

Look, if anyone ever found my Google search history I would have to enter witness protection to cover my shame, but with that being said, I would never search this.

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Yes, this is even more embarrassing than me Googling if my toe hair is normal or Taylor Swift tour dates.


No guys like this is rlly rlly bad.I'm so upset.

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6. Okay, I am no scientist (?) but PERSONALLY this does not look right to me.

Reddit | Ashely354

The last time I checked, wooden fences and electric fences are two different things but like it's a trash world, who knows anything anymore?

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7. I am...so inspired?

Reddit | shhansell

Honey, believe me, there are many things I'd like to erase — people, places, memories, last Friday night.

But to white out HALF a test question is a new high for humanity.

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Like, what a go getter.


Honestly, what a dream.In a world that demands multi-part questions and mandatory math courses, I say screw it all. Be that candle in the wind!!!

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8. I love a petty present.

Reddit | WhuddupBoiz

To print out the screenshot of a text convo, laminate it, and attach it to a soup ladle as a gift is enough to make me wonder what I've been doing all my life.

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9. If this is not proof of a parallel universe like I don't know what to tell you sweet friends.

Reddit | turkeltom

Someone pls call Bill Nye and tell him we have a situation rn!!!!!

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Like, guys... Is each booth is an alternate reality???


Each booth is giving me chills and existential questions about myself and life on this planet that I am not ready to answer yet.

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10. This bathroom stall says "Men" from the outside but "Women" on the inside.

Reddit | prichardson154

As someone who has unknowingly walked into a men's washroom and witnessed an...actual sausage-fest, this would rock me.

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11. And finally, this girlfriend that dressed up like her bae for his birthday and looks...literally exactly like him.

Reddit | mattbozle

This is truly a bone chilling moment, but tbh I'd love to date myself so this would be my JAM lol.

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