16 Mix-Ups That Left Us Shook

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Mix-ups like these are common enough that we can all relate to what's happening in this collection of images. In fact, just this afternoon, I mixed up a push door with a pull door and crashed into the glass in front of a couple coworkers. Was I upset? Of course I was, it was humiliating and I now fear showing my face around the office. Luckily, I survived, and so will these fine folks below. If you're looking to have your head scrambled like an egg, then look no further.

1. If I haven't had my caffeine yet, I can't be held accountable for much.

Twitter | @caroliinamariie

She didn't even get a chance to consume her tea, what do you expect? Of course her brain isn't working properly.

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2. You don't have to make up excuses for her.

Instagram | @textpostsfromthevoid

What's wrong with being proud of your turkey? Or giving it endearing nicknames like "baby girl"? Why do we have to pretend that she was trying to post a photo of her dog?

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3. Being a delivery man has its risks.

Twitter | @SJCooke94

For example, having to live with the haunting suspicion that you ruined someone's package, while simultaneously wondering what exactly was inside, and how it impacted the client. Don't forget the cost and inconvenience of reordering the package! Oooof.

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4. I'd be upset about this.

Reddit | casserole09

Not upset enough to give the plate back, but definitely upset enough to demand a replacement. They'd better order me a side of chips while they're at it too, or I'll be forced to suck up the reject cheese through my drink straw, and nobody wants to see that.

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5. How to get out of class in 2018.

Me.me | Me.me

Gone are the days of putting a thermometer on a light bulb, or convincing someone in a grade younger than you to pull the fire alarm.

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6. Spider clip, spider clip, does whatever a spider clip does.

Me.me | Me.me

Scares your bae, it's the best, right into cardiac arrest. Look out! It's your girlfriend's spider clippp!

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7. Online shopping is always a risk.

Twitter | @MrDylanEvans

Usually, the website is an indication of quality, but that doesn't mean much if you receive the wrong order altogether. He's definitely rocking that dress though.

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8. What are siblings for?

Twitter | @alexarosecarter

I like to imagine that she carefully crafted this under the supervision of her parents, who then drove her to the airport to make sure their other child was humiliated.

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9. Grandma is feelin' Free! in her fresh getup.

Instagram | @kalesalad

Does anyone know exactly what age it is that you stop giving a damn about pretty much everything? I'd really like to start planning my life around it.

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10. Good thing he caught himself.

Twitter | @F_Kenson

This could've gone really badly if he didn't find the sandwich. I can't think of anything worse than going to make a slice of toast and pulling out a piece of rancid ham instead of a slice of bread. Barf.

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11. If you're sleepy to the point of delirium, you may wanna consider adjusting your bedtime.

Instagram | @internetdigestt

This seems almost impossible to screw up. Hitting the hay a bit earlier might be in your best interest.

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12. There are so many things wrong with this photo.

Twitter | @JadeLindsay8

First of all, kebab isn't Chinese food, so I'm not sure what you were expecting. Secondly, was it even in a container?

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13. The only thing creepier than horror movies are the kids in horror movies.

Twitter | @BornToBriWild

Kids quoting horror movies (especially by accident) is up there, too. I probably would've just ran from the house screaming, so props to this mom for investigating.

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14. My body, my choice. My license plate, the state's choice, apparently.

Imgur | JGR6233

There are definitely worse things to be late for. Probably better things too, but in either case, I'm not sure it's anyone else's business.

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15. This is quite the mix-up.

Twitter | @SuzanneBradish

How did this pass quality control? Someone actually packaged this and sent it off without questioning it at all? I hope they adjusted the cost, at least.

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16. I guess you'd have to ask her.

Twitter | @nathan_tyo

I'm leaning towards option A, but I don't have a single special character in my name, so I don't think I'm qualified to answer this.

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