44 Comics That Open Our Eyes To Society's Ridiculous Double Standards

Diply 10 Aug 2017

It's something I wonder if we'll ever be able to escape. Double standards for men and women rule us and follow us everywhere. Even if you don't mean to, almost everyone applies double standards daily.

We've been conditioned to think we know what's best for each other, but really, we have no say.

1. Cosplaying is a chance to be someone else.

Pinterest | Martha Daisy

Men and women can do it, and it doesn't matter if you don't have the same body type as a character. The point is to have fun.

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2. Eating is not the only reason for weight gain.

Pinterest | In conclusion: I'm bitter

And your size shouldn't cause people to judge you when they see you eating. You can be skinny or curvy and you can still enjoy eating.

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3. Men and women have the same body parts with a few exceptions and grow hair in all the same places.

Twitter | @SafeSpacesDC

So why is it okay for men to be in their natural state, but not women?

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4. No one has the right to tell someone what suits their body type best.

Pinterest | Mercedes Machado Desarrollo Integral Mujeres

What suits a person is whatever they feel comfortable in — not what you think they should wear because of their size.

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5. You don't have to like a band, movie, show, etc. to wear something related to it.

Tumblr | radrangy

If you like something, wear it and enjoy it. You shouldn't have to prove yourself to anyone.

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6. Men still don't seem to get it when we treat them the way they treat us.

DeviantArt | TomPreston

They feel uncomfortable and disrespected but don't see how it's the same as women.

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7. We often don't see how we judge others for the same things we do.

9gag | 9gag

Just because it's not what you'd want to do doesn't mean it's stupid. Someone out there thinks the same of your interests.

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8. A woman's appearance can always be turned into something negative.

Pinterest | Yoga and Bacon

She's either too much or too little, no matter what she wears or how she acts. There's no winning.

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9. When it comes to anything, not just religion, we only like people if they're like us.

Tumblr | halalhumor

If they're any different, we discriminate against them. But all it amounts to is putting our own foot in our mouth.

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10. Men and women can feel the exact same emotion, but we look at them differently because of their gender.

Pinterest | Kathy Kramer

Women should be able to take charge and men should be able to express their feelings.

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11. What's the difference?

Pinterest | LolSnaps

Because one is a man and one is a woman? Here's the thing: they're both made up characters, and Mystique even ends up being a bad guy.

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12. One of these is considered wrong, yet the other two are actually damaging.

Pinterest | Jessie Saltz

We totally misunderstand what is right in front of us if we don't agree with it for some small reason, while we condone other things as long as they check off an imaginary list.

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13. What's the difference?

Pinterest | Sophie

I'm struggling to find it, since both are religious garments used to express modesty and belief. Yet one is seen as oppressive, and the other enlightening. Double standards at their finest!

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14. We can't help the way we look.

Pinterest | Christa Schley

We shouldn't tell people they need to change just because we don't like their body type. If you wouldn't want it said to you, don't say it to others.

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15. Depending on the subject, men and women have to jump through hoops to prove they're a fan of something.

Pinterest | Aubri Copp

And even when they can prove it, they are still judged and not taken seriously.

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16. It seems like women can't win when it comes to makeup.

Kate or Die | Kate or Die

Makeup is a choice, not a requirement. If we wear makeup, we're told we don't need it.

When we go fresh faced, we're asked if we're sick.

We can't win.

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17. This all too true when it comes to women's costumes in film.

Anna-Maria Jung | Anna-Maria Jung

I mean, logistically, it makes literally no sense for a woman to be going into battle wearing, essentially, metal underwear. Who designed this?!

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18. This parenting double standard that should make us stop and think twice.

The Awesome Daily | The Awesome Daily

Though I am not a mother myself, critiquing women but congratulating men when it comes to the same parenting decisions is heartbreakingly prevalent.

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19. Weight gain can be taken in very different ways depending on whether you're a man or a woman.

Men Need Feminism | Men Need Feminism

Who can forget the dad bod trend? A trend that literally celebrated a man's extra pounds.

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Still waiting on the mom bod trend to become a thing, thank you very much.


I'll be sitting here eating whatever I want until the world decides to worship me.

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20. When a man does bold courtship gestures, it's considered sweet and chivalrous.

Indibeat | Indibeat

But when a woman does it, she's seen as creepy and overly attached.

Why can't we all just respect each other's wishes?

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21. Women in a position of power are often overly scrutinized. 

The Pool | The Pool

Women can't be bosses without being perceived as "bossy." Their clothes, hair, attitude, and personalities are all fair game, it seems.

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22. Body image issues don't just affect women. 

Rampage | Rampage

Although more prevalent for women in today's world, society pressures both sexes to look picture perfect in a world that is growing increasingly more judgmental.

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23. The same outfit can be taken in two very different ways.

Good Men Project | Good Men Project

Women dressing for the weather are often scrutinized for being too sexual, even though men expose the same amount of skin without a second thought.

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24. It's all about perspective.

Feminism in India | Feminism in India

A woman's desire to have intimate relations or not can get them labeled as being promiscuous or a prude. But is it really anyone's business?

How about we all just have consensual relations when we want to?

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25. If it's inappropriate for one, it's inappropriate for both.

9gag | 9gag

Men get away with more "promiscuous" behavior than women do because supposedly men will be men. But why is it okay for one gender and not the other, even though they're doing the same thing?

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26. Men also get sad, feel insecure, and can have low self-esteem.

Bust | Bust

These feelings have nothing to do with whether you're male or female. They're a part of human experience no matter your gender or who you are.

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27. Anytime a man has something to say, people listen and consider him to be smart and someone to admire.

Pinterest | The Sociological Cinema

When a woman speaks her mind, she's uncontrollable, out of line, and crazy.

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28. Archie comics have been around for a long time, which shows that double standards have been, too.

Pinterest | Kaisha Wyld

It perfectly explains in one comic what many of the others ones in this list have been trying to get across.

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29. Women are told that their bodies are beautiful and not a limitation.

Reddit | [deleted]

But men don't get to be lifted up the same way because we don't see this treatment of them as unfair.

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30. I know that we can all say we've seen this happen with various well-off celebrities.

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

Believe what you will about the prosecution in these situations. We all know that either way, this isn't fair.

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31. If this isn't the truthiest truth you've ever seen...

deMilked | deMilked

...then I don't know what is. It's crazy and kind of scary how much attractive people can get away with and what the opposite sex considers acceptable.

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32.  Nothing like a good old gender generalization. 

xkcd | xkcd

I know that I and every other girl grew up being told that boys were better at math than girls. Way to set us up for failure.

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33. Don't even get me STARTED on society's negative reaction towards women breastfeeding in public.

Los Angeles Time | Los Angeles Time

It angers me so much, and that's why this is my favorite comic in the list. It's so important.

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34. There are some hypocrites out there who need to think twice before they go judging other people.

Everyday Feminism | Everyday Feminism

I think we all know a handful of people like this, don't we?

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35. This comic actually says a lot on a few different levels.

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

Yes, people only seem to care when it's the police officer being vocal or violent, and sometimes the videos we see online only begin halfway through an altercation while never getting the full story.

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36. I think I would laugh in the face of whoever had the gall to say something like that to me if I were reading in public.

Pinterest | Leila Goreil

Believe it or not, it does happen, especially on the bus, for some reason. People get really angry on public transit.

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37. If you're reading this as a younger sister, there's a pretty good chance that you've faced this type of parental discrimination before.

Facebook | Brown Paperbag

It's not fair at all, but hey, you're not alone.

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38. Please tell me that I'm not the only one to have heard some of these comments before?

Tumblr | beiibis

It's pretty frustrating, and if you've heard them, too, try not to let people's words get to you too much.

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39. Alright, I know this isn't necessarily a ridiculous societal double standard.

Pinterest | Stephanie Vandermuren 

But if you were to ask that cat, I'm pretty sure he'd tell you just how unfair this situation is.

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40. A lot of women are constantly being brought down for the way they're phrasing their opinions.

The Cooper Review | The Cooper Review

The fact that we have to phrase things in a "non-threatening" way is kind of ridiculous.

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41. Shame on anybody who thinks that reading Harry Potter 63 times is wrong.

Sideways Gamer | Sideways Gamer

To any boy or girl out there who has been criticized for this (or for multiple readings of any book), just keep this little comic in mind.

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42. Yet another scenario where women are made to look threatening when they state their opinions.

The Cooper Review | The Cooper Review

Clearly, the only solution here is to grow a mustache if you'd like to be taken seriously.

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43. This Dilbert comic is a pretty hilarious way of explaining that double standard of coming across as too tough.

Dilbert | Dilbert

Has anyone ever faced this type of double standard in the workplace before? We'd love to hear about it!

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44. If anybody ever paid attention to the election, the double standard that existed was glaringly obvious.    

Alternet | Alternet

I still say that Hillary handled it like the total pro that she is.

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45. People can have a problem with something even if it's visually identical.

MetzgerCartoons.com | Scott Metzger

There are plenty of men who go shirtless in public with larger chests than women who aren't allowed to — even if they're legally allowed to, you'll likely receive some comments.

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46. Women are shallow for saying no to a date, but men aren't.

Pixiv | Razzy

We see women who turn men down as shallow or refusing to give him a chance, but if men turn down women it's not an issue.

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47. Men are encouraged to sleep around, but women are shamed for it.

Deviantart | Ryan Imm

Men are often commended for being able to sleep with a lot of women, but women are usually shamed or gossiped about for the same behavior. This kind of attitude is especially prevalent in young adults.

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48. The "dadbod" phenomenon definitely does not have a female equivalent.

HowBabyComic.com | Lindsay Ishihiro

There's no shortage of articles about the dadbod craze, but there's not really any matching ones about how desirable the "mombod" is. Especially when it comes to judgment in public.

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Double standards are everywhere we look, but it's time we start working to get rid of them.

Giphy | Giphy

They only cause more harm to everyone and separate us as human beings.

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