11+ Men Who Could Teach Us A Thing Or Two About Self-Care

Diply 13 Sep 2018

Self-care is having a moment right now, and I am here for it. Thanks to the internet, it's never been easier to learn how to properly look after your skin, body, and mental health!

Buuuuut, this movement is pretty female-centric. Most self-care-related content is coming from women and female-identifying people.

So today, let's celebrate the dudes who are absolutely rocking the self-care game and proving that loving yourself sick is for everyone.

1. Soft towels, green face, can't lose.

Instagram | @bretmanrock

How does Bretman look so good before the face mask has even come off?! I come out of the shower looking like a boiled egg, with a face mask that makes me look like a crusty old gargoyle.

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2. Honestly, I don't know why men pretend that they don't like pedicures. 

Twitter | @rileymccrackin

Especially if they haven't even tried it!

I can tell by the look on this dude's face that this ain't the last pedicure he'll be treatin' himself to.

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3. Face masks? More like bae masks. (Yes, I know that was really terrible wordplay and I apologize.)

Instagram | @cjarthur01

The only thing better than slapping on a face mask is slapping one on the face of the person you love. BRB, dying from the cuteness of this couple!

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4. Shave the last dance.

Instagram | @authenticallyjax

This was Instagram user @authenticallyjax's first time shaving his gorgeous face! If this isn't the epitome of self-care — looking after your body in a way that makes you super happy — then I don't know what is.

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5. Shoutout to all the people whose self-care is less about feeling pampered and more about hard work.

Instagram | @formerquarterton

Congratulations to Instagrammer @formerquarterton for making the change he wanted to see in himself!

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6. Always pore your heart into your skin regime.

Instagram | @srurias05

Honestly, I really only said that for the fun use of the word "pore". A few extra minutes a day, like @srurias05, is all you need to up your skincare game.

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7. My man Larry gave himself a different type of pampering. 

Twitter | @LarryMillerMP

Instead of pampering himself with a manicure or massage on his birthday, he pampered himself with a fishing trip. Saturdays are for the boys, amirite?

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8. Sometimes men need to be shown the ways of self-care. 

Twitter | @haileeween

But once they have experienced it, there is no going back. Like, seriously, who turns their back on treating themselves good?

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9. TFW the face mask matches the flowers in the background.

Instagram | @ethandolan

Ethan Dolan is giving us all a hot tip for leveling up your skin care routine — color coordinate everything (and maybe throw in a pout).

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10. If this ain't self-care, then I don't know what is. 

Twitter | @RealLittleDanny

Sometimes you just need a li'l time to yourself — a li'l time to catch up on your favorite Netflix shows and eat your favorite ice cream sundae at your favorite restaurant.

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11. Shine bright like a face mask.

Instagram | @mrkendenis

Apparently, not all that glitters is gold — sometimes it's a pink face mask like this one @mrkendenis is rocking (and with the bath bomb to match)!

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12. Had I ever considered bath-only sunglasses before seeing this picture? No, I had not. Will I be investing in a pair now? Absolutely.

Instagram | @mannymua733

If Manny Mua's bath isn't the most decadent bath you've ever seen, then you're straight lying, sweetie.

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13. Two face masks? Or just a huge amount of support for Israel, Argentina, Finland, or any other country with a blue and white flag?

Instagram | @_jacobhalam

Who says you can't target two skin problems at once? Certainly not @_jacobhalam.

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14. FYI, treating yourself feels way better than getting treated by someone else! 

Twitter | @RuleEdward

So, take some notes from Ed and buy yourself that rose! Eat straight from the honey jar if you want to!

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15. There are no defined self-care rules. 

Twitter | @Jaylinkin

Do what makes you feel good — whether it's putting on a face mask, eating an entire pizza to yourself, or drinking coffee from a mug with your pretty li'l face on it.

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But, seriously. Don't be afraid to treat yo' self.


And if that means that you find yourself in a room full of puppies, giggling to yourself on the floor like Peter Griffin, so be it!

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