12 Men Who Are So Confused About Makeup, They're Just One Big Facepalm

Diply 24 Jan 2018

The world of makeup can be a big and scary place — especially if you ask most men.

Of course, that's totally understandable. I mean, the last time I was in Sephora, I stood there deciding between two different highlighters for a good 40 minutes.

But hey, at least I'm not as completely mystified by makeup as the men below.

1. Look at it this way: He learned two new things that day.

Twitter | @olivia_armagno

If I were the person this dude was texting, I would've held off a bit longer with my response.

You know, just to see how long he could go on about condors.

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2. Eyelashes and eyeliner are two different things — who knew?

Twitter | @chloe_elysse

Can ya really blame the guy? At least he's asking questions.

This photo would've been much more appreciated in a chat full of women.

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3. This guy, who was certain Kendall Jenner had 0% makeup on.

Kanye To The | Kanye To The

"You won't see more natural brah," Oh lord, SHS — Save His Soul.

The difference between au naturel and natural makeup is 10 face products, give or take.

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4. Or this guy, who thought soaking a Beauty Blender in water would make it grow into a tree.

Twitter | @ranaaomaar

Pfft, I wish. At least then I'd get a little more action out of this $32 sponge.

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5. Well, these guesses are pretty amazing.

Twitter | @laurenonizzle

I mean, "tear drop from a muppet" is such a logical assumption that even I — a person who knows this is a Beauty Blender — am second-guessing myself in favor of Muppet tear.

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6. When he's jealous because you love Mario Badescu more than you love him.

Me.me | Me.me

I'm sorry, did you create a natural moisturizing facial spray that makes my skin absolutely radiate?


Then you're always gonna be second place to Mario.

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7. And this guy, who thinks Taylor Swift's eyebrows are naturally that dark.

Twitter | @mick_ohara

Or that her face is naturally that bronzed and contoured. Or that her lips are naturally that shade of — you get the point.

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8. Remember those two dudes who were totally shooketh after discovering fake eyelashes?

Twitter | @reagskurp

Next up, a viral video where some girl pulls out her clip-in extensions in front of these two.

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9. Naked palettes will henceforth be known as "a piano for your eyelids."

Twitter | @karinnnandreaa

I mean, is he wrong? Not really.

And with the right falsies, you probably could play this eyelid piano.

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10. When he can't tell the difference between #40 Striking and #22 Amore.

Twitter | @sm00chi3_

Look. Closer.

The one on the left has more neural, pinky undertones, while the lipstick on the right has a more reddish, watermelon vibe.


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11. When he thinks a highlighter is the sort of thing you take notes with in class.

Twitter | @WeddingCatcher

Yeah, take me to the reality where I can get 10 face highlighters for $5.99.

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12. And finally, this guy, who thought an eyelash curler was a surgical instrument.

Mama Mia | Mama Mia

Curling your eyelashes does take the same concentration as performing surgery, so he's not too far off.

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