I have totally dropped the ball this year when it comes to Halloween decor. October started and I was busy with other things and then suddenly the big day is a week away and I don't even have a pumpkin. 

So, it's time to do something about that and get crafting!


1. DIY Trick Or Treat Welcome Mat

Here's an easy way to add some Halloween flavor to your front door. See Vanessa Craft bought a cheap black door mat and turned it into something really fun with some paint and stencils.

If you can't find stencils you like, it's pretty easy to make your own.

Just find a design you like online and print it out on sturdy paper or cardstock. Cut it out with a craft knife and then it's ready to use.


2. DIY Fabric Pumpkins

Since I'm starting late, it's unlikely that there will be very many good pumpkins left. I may get lucky, but I may also need to find alternatives to actual pumpkins that are quick and easy to make.

These fabric pumpkins from Flamingo Toes may be just what I'm looking for. 

You can use pretty much any fabric you want, but look how soft that chenille looks. I also love the idea of using vintage cutlery as the stems. 


3. DIY Pumpkin Luminary

Another jack-o'-lantern alternative I love is this simple luminary from PinkWhen. It would be super cute to line up a bunch of these on the porch or in a window. 

The key is to not use too much paint inside the jar.

You actually want an uneven, thin coating. That way, the light will shine through with a cool, moody glow.


4. DIY Dollar Store Victorian-Style Art

The How-To Home shared this great idea for some super simple spooky art. The paper owl was found at the dollar store! I'm going to have to take a closer look at the seasonal crafts section, I think.

For the background, she found a scan of an old book page online and printed it out.

Since it's temporary decor, you can just use any frame you have on hand and return it to its usual place once the holiday is over. 


5. DIY Candy Corn Vases

I'm sure I'm not alone in my distaste for the flavor — if you can call it that — of candy corn, and yet I love the simple design of them. 

I'm pretty sure they're traditional simply because they look so good in a candy dish...

That's why I love this idea from Mother Daughter Projects. It mimics the color and pattern of the candy corn with just a bit of spray paint.


6. DIY Lace Spider Hoop Art

I love cute and creepy Halloween decor, but I also have a soft spot for projects that lean a bit more towards the chic end of the spectrum. 

This idea from Positively Splendid is a great example.

The text is made with little rhinestones and you can freehand the design or use a template found online if you're not confident in your lettering skills.


7. Make Black Light Lemonade

What's cooler than glowing drinks at a Halloween party? Nothing, I say, and there's no special chemicals or products needed. You see, tonic water glows under a black light all on its own.

Girl Loves Glam uses that fact for a simple party beverage. 

Just add a lemonade flavor powder to a bottle of tonic water and you'll have a fizzy, glowing lemonade to serve. You can use pretty much any flavored juice powder, though darker colors may dull the glowing effect. 


8. DIY Halloween Owl Makeover

Sometimes you just need a little imagination to turn random dollar store items into spooky decor. The Homespun Hydrangea used black paint and glitter to make a simple owl spooktactular.

If you don't like handling regular glitter, you could use a clear glitter glue over the black paint.

It's less messy to apply and far less likely to stray from the craft room only to be found months later in your sock drawer. 


9. DIY Pumpkin Topiary

Plastic pumpkins are a good alternative to real ones, as long as you're okay with them looking unnatural. I find the best way to combat that is to lean into it.

Like, it's pretty obvious the pumpkins in this topiary from See Vanessa Craft aren't real.

But that's okay, because the whole effect is bursting with fun and whimsy, especially with the feather boa included.


10. DIY Marbleized Pumpkin Banner

Who doesn't love a good banner? It's a quick and inexpensive way to add festive cheer to any holiday decor and I adore this version from Lines Across.

You could make your own marbleized paper, but their tutorial also includes printable patterns.

You could also check out the craft store for marbleized cardstock. That's what's so great about these sorts of projects. They're easily adjusted for every skill level.


11. DIY Glitter Spider Shoes

Are Halloween shoes a thing? If not, they really should be and you should really make these glittery spider ones from Flamingo Toes. Of course, I'm currently wearing glittery shoes, so I may be biased in my love.

Find yourself some glitter fabric paint and a few other supplies. 

My favorite part of this project is the lace detail. It mimics the idea of a spider web while being super cute. 


12. DIY Rustic Pallet Pumpkin

What makes a pumpkin a pumpkin? It's usually orange, there's a stem, and it comes in many shapes and sizes. As long as you stick to those details, pretty much anything can become a pumpkin. 

Like this idea from The Homespun Hydrangea.

It' just a piece of pallet painted orange with a stick glued to the top, but it's also a pumpkin. It's rustic and a little chic. I love it.