I recently threw my dog a birthday party and she loved every minute of it. I made cupcakes that were both dog and human friendly, and they were a hit amongst both dogs and humans alike. 

Locke loved them so much that she snuck onto the table to grab a second one for herself, something she almost never does because she knows it's not allowed. But, I guess she needed to help herself to seconds that bad. Or she knew she'd get away with it (she did). 


She's not the only pup that is lucky enough to have a great birthday party. Dogs are a part of our families and therefore deserve only the best when it comes to celebrating another year on earth. 

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Koda knows what's up. The icing is always the best part of any cake. Not sure how to make a cake for your pup? There are tons of recipes online to choose from. I made a tasty carrot cake with cottage cheese icing, but we all know dogs love a good old peanut butter cupcake, too.

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Cooper's family went all out for decorations and party hats. To be honest, if Locke got a hold of any of these decorations, they'd be torn into pieces all over our apartment. But it certainly makes for the most adorable photo op.

And these pups just look so happy about confetti, tennis balls, and cupcakes, my heart can't take it anymore. I think every pup deserves only the best birthday party.


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