Some people seriously actually act like I'm on this planet for the sole purpose of pleasing them, and honestly, I can't deal. Who died and made them queen of fricking everything? That would be me, obviously. 

JK. But on the real, I'm sick and tired of living to make others happy. Can't please everyone!


Simple enough.

Then, go and turn around, walk away slowly, and never bother me again. Sound good? GOOD.

Gonna call all the haters and make this happen IRL.

Yes, I do come with a filter.

Yes, I do come with a filter.
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If this is me with a filter, can you imagine what would spill out of my mouth if I didn't have one? 

Let us be thankful we don't live in that world. That isn't a place you want to walk into.

Message received?

Expecting me to care about what you think of me is like a box of unsharpened pencils: pointless.

Maybe I'll care about it for like a second later tonight, but right now I'm busy living my best life. K?


Yeah, so I don't.

Yeah, so I don't.
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So tiring catering to each and every minor detail to make other people happy. Plus, what's the point? Other people get temporary satisfaction, and you get nothing. Nah fam. Not for me. 

Terminate membership.

Listen, I have enough of my own issues. I'm worried about those, not yours. I couldn't care less about yours, tbh. You deal with that. 

Cancel my subscription, effective immediately!

Yeah, don't hold me accountable.

This happens to me more times than I'd like to admit. Especially because I'm, like, exhausted all the time. Whatever filter I do have disappears without warning.