These 21+ Little Things Are Building A Kinder, Gentler World

Diply 28 Sep 2018

Sometimes it's good deeds that make the world a better place, and those who do them are awesome. But can we get a little respect for the people who design and build kindness right into the world we interact with every day?

It takes no small amount of creativity and expertise to bring these good, pure things to life, and frankly, we need more of them. So, let's give these things a shout-out because they deserve it, and because we want to inspire more!

1. Near the end of the school year, this taco restaurant rewards kids with improved grades with a free meal.

Reddit | gasssmoney

A little bribery never hurt in the matter of education, right?

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2. This jug of milk comes with a breakdown of its nutritional components, as well as an explanation of what each does for the body.

Reddit | aragorn-1

Honestly, we could use this on so much more food packaging.

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3. A stroke of brilliance for those of us prone to brain cramps — or worse. This pill bottle's lid has a timer that shows how recently it has been opened.

Reddit | CptnBo

Just in case you can't remember when you last took your meds.

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4. This guy's shirt is an absolute dream for us glasses wearers — it has a microfiber cloth stitched underneath.

Reddit | Zedevile

We were going to use that part of the shirt to clean our glasses anyway, so that's a great spot for the proper material.

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5. This Uber driver must have a cult following now because installing an NES in the back seat is sure to attract a joyfully nostalgic crowd.

Reddit | okdiv

What car ride wouldn't be made better with some Zelda?

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6. This newspaper gave its readers a little Christmas gift, printing two pages that can be used as wrapping paper.

Reddit | PlanetGG

Although I'm sure we've all received a few gifts wrapped in newspapers over the years anyway, it's nice to have a real pattern for it.

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7. This hotel knows travelers well, and rather than making them work to hook up their computers to the TV, they make the HDMI and USB ports easy to access.

Reddit | phelyan

So very welcome.

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8. And for travelers in a strange place, these handrails are perfect — they show which train platform you're heading to.

Reddit | hugh-r-man

And they include the same message in braille for accessibility!

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9. If you take the train in the Netherlands, you can sit in a "stiltecoupé" compartment to get some peace and quiet.

Reddit | DoubleU_NL

They're library-like, in that if you make too much noise, you'll be shushed — but it's perfect for a traveler who needs a calm, soothing environment.

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10. This hotel in Japan welcomes its guests with a free cell phone to use during their stay.

Reddit | crx04

So no worrying about overseas data plans, roaming, getting lost, or anything like that.

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11. A homeowner went the extra mile and then some for their indoor cats, building this epic outdoor space to climb and play on.

Reddit | _flower_

They can experience the outdoors with far fewer of the dangers of the outdoors.

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12. From another homeowner who did something cool to accommodate a pet, this set of stairs has a smaller staircase for a small dog.

Reddit | potato-face-129

Which must be so much easier for the little pooch to climb.

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13. At this traffic stop in Iceland, you get to look at a nice heart while you wait for a green light.

Reddit | Jiub_54

I don't know if it would decrease road rage or not, but there's nothing wrong with a heart-shaped stop light, that's for sure.

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14. Not so common in North America, escalators that are ramps instead of stairs seem like they should be everywhere.

Reddit | agapepaga

I mean, everybody can use a ramp, but not everybody can use stairs. Doesn't this just make more sense?

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15. In Britain, many of the classic red telephone boxes that once housed pay phones have been repurposed to hold defibrillators.

Reddit | skillian

They're attractive, iconic, and now they could actually save lives. Amazing!

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16. All public bathrooms built from here on out should use this design for their stalls, which overlaps to prevent a crack people can see through.

Reddit | Won_and_dun

We all hate that crack, right?

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17. Not a sign you see nearly enough in public bathrooms, this one encourages us to make one last zipper check before heading back out into the world.

Reddit | WattsAGigawatt

Nice little reminder to save some embarrassment.

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18. Riders on this bus in Germany don't have to worry too much about how to spend their time on the ride because it has a little library on board.

Reddit | glitter_back-pack

Would love to see these on this side of the Atlantic!

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19. On buses in Finland, the buttons you press can do more than just request a stop — there's one that thanks the bus driver.

Reddit | axle_gallardo

I would be happy to have more ways to thank the driver than just shouting it out.

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20. At this bank, you can borrow an umbrella if a rain shower breaks out and you've forgotten yours.

Reddit | GrinitD

Not exactly what you'd expect to borrow from a bank, but nice all the same.

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21. In this town, the public saplings are protected with guards shaped and painted like carrots.

Reddit | asorba

So they're performing an important service and looking good while they do it!

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22. Some cities are beginning to acknowledge that people are walking around looking at their phones instead of street signs, so they're installing lights in the sidewalks.

Reddit | imayneverknow

And I'm sure they help people with low vision as well.

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23. This tire has a clear wear indicator that shows the percentage of tread left.

Reddit | RedDevil407

And you don't need any kind of special knowledge to figure out that after 40%, it's probably time for new tires.

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24. Both the plastic and the paper parts of this pen are made from recycled materials.

Reddit | nikoloy

And it has little, if any, printing on it, making it that much easier to recycle again, and that's a great thing for the planet.

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