16 Pics With An Extra Treat

Diply 17 May 2018

With these pics, you're getting more than you bargained for, no matter what that might have been (money, teeth, firstborn child — you decide). Whether it's a pic that requires a second, third, or fourth look, or a pic that makes your brain tell you "this is wrong," you'll find all kinds here.

1. This is how it feels when you're playing Fortnite and are the only person who manages to find a decent weapon at the start.

Reddit | Sarynnn

It's pretty much like babysitting, except you and everyone else has a gun except for the kids you're taking care of.

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2. This must be the alternate ending for Infinity War where Thanos gets arrested for parking his inter-dimensional spaceship in an accessible parking spot and disputing the ticket.

Reddit | Jentrins

The Infinity Gauntlet is strong, but it's no match for Kyle Farguson: parking enforcer.

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3. This is how I usually feel after an especially successful taco Tuesday. It's considered "successful" when my body is composed of at least 95% corn chip, tomato, salsa, ground beef, cheese, and sour cream.

Reddit | JAFERD69

Each week I tell myself it's the last time, and the week after I'm proven a liar.

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4. This is kind of like a Catholic confessional, except instead of a priest listening, it's that guy who insists on putting his bare feet on the seat.

Reddit | Terdfergeson877

There's extra room in there for you to store all the skeletons that you would normally keep in your closet.

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5. This summer, hold on to your breadcrumbs and mixed seeds. Duckzilla, the most adorable kaiju, is coming to a theater near you in summer 2020.

Twitter | @georginasally

No miniature beach is safe from her and her spawn.

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6. Yo dawg we heard you like burgers, so we put burgers on your burger so you can burg while you burg.

Reddit | arturowise

The other menu option was a hot dog filled with tinier hot dogs.

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7. Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Deadpool has the best marketing team in the industry today.

Reddit | -nightman-cometh-

I bet a few of those would catch a pretty penny in a few years.

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8. Well this is certainly an "extra treat," to the point that it might cause irreparable wrist damage. 

Reddit | totalinfonet

At least they have no shortage of ways to put some ice on it.

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9. Is it considered too easy to call this person an egghead? Well, I'll do it anyway. 

Reddit | FatCaf

After they hatch, he'll rent the place out for any birds who are looking for a BnB during their trip south.

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10. The new Jurassic World trailer is looking a little more tame compared to the last one. Turns out tyrannosaurus rex are total lightweights.

Reddit | FatCaf

Thing is, their hands are too small for handcuffs.

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11. When you combine all the Adobe Stones, Thanos is able to wipe out half of your computer's RAM with a snap of his fingers.

Reddit | K-tomp1

"I don't feel so good, Mr. Jobs."

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12. Looks like perfectly normal double-decker ham sandwich, no? Well, until you notice the Pop-Tart anyway.

Reddit | RiskytheKing

Honest question: Is a Pop-Tart a sandwich? If not, is it technically a kind of ravioli?

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13. For the man who has everything, get the one thing he didn't even know he wanted: the umbrella necktie.

Reddit | thekingofsofas

It's both bad luck and a fashion faux-pas to open your umbrella tie while indoors.

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14. For all of those people who like their nebulous gelatinous dessert with some extra bite, there's...this. 

Reddit | daisydemi

There's no texture combination quite like hard teeth combined with chewy gums and gelatin.

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15. I've heard of people being born pigeon-toed, but this is ridiculous. 

Reddit | Maluko808

I hope they don't walk through any bird seed, or they're going to be out a pair of shoes.

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16. When working with lots of computer equipment, it's important to get your wires sorted, especially if one of those wires moves on its own and is a possibly venomous reptile.

Reddit | Purusuku
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