22 Little-Known Hacks Using Everyday Office Supplies That Are Total Lifesavers

Diply 3 Jul 2018

I just took a look around my desk and there are a ton of random office supplies that I don't even use. Paper clips, binder clips, Post It notes...pretty much every item a desk could need. But now that everything I do is digitized, they all just sit there, waiting to be used.

Turns out, those office supplies might actually be more useful if we use them in different ways. Some might even say these hacks are total lifesavers!

1. Sticky notes are a great way to clean up dust and dirt from your keyboard.

Huffington Post | Huffington Post

Keyboards are pretty gross places when you think about it, so it's probably a good idea to keep them as clean as possible!

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2. Using the coil from a pen is a great way to keep your cords safe from breakage and fraying.

Instagram | Oriam19

I mean, who writes things on paper anymore, anyway? Pens are the perfect hacking tool!

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3. Washi tape isn't just a pretty little thing!

Landee See Landee Do | Landee See Landee Do

It's also super useful, too. It's a stylish way to keep your cords organized, or to decorate your office space!

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4. When I first saw this hack, I thought it was absolutely genius.

Go Amo | Go Amo

To be honest, I still think that! I keep my nails pretty short, and trying to open key rings is always a pain. A staple remover is the perfect solution.

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5. If you need to start a fire but don't have the means to do so, you can use a battery and a paper clip.

YouTube | MR YOAN

I wouldn't recommend doing this at home unless you take the safety precautions, but if you do it right (and safely), it could literally be a lifesaver. But wait, how are these so powerful?!

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6. I probably would never have thought of this, but when you're in a pinch, office supplies are perfect!

Pinterest | Pinterest

I think that's why they're so useful, everyone has an abundance of them. If I've got a problem to solve, you bet I'm heading to the supply closet! I don't even use these anymore!

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7. Sticky notes are a surprisingly easy way to make sure you don't leave a mess when you drill into a wall.

HomeTalk | Shawna Bailey

It's probably not something most people think of, but wall dust is actually pretty messy!

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8. Okay, so an eraser isn't going to solve your problems if your phone is cracked into a bunch of pieces.

YouTube | Richie Reit

BUT, if you've got some minor scratches, an eraser can actually help create friction to fill them in.

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9. If you really need a safety pin but can't find one, you can turn a paper clip into one in a pinch!

Shoplet | Shoplet

You'll probably need a pair of pliers, but this is such a smart idea!

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10. Paper clips also work great for hiding your bra when wearing a racer back tank top.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Why bother spending money on bra clips when you can just grab a paper clip from the supply closet!

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11. Having trouble getting all the toothpaste out of your tube?


Try a binder clip to help push the toothpaste to the end, and for keeping it in place when you're done!

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12. It's not too often you find paper hole reinforcements in the supply closet, but when you do, they're a gold mine! 

Tumblr | ManicureTutorials

They're super handy for creating the perfect nail art!

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13. A rubber band is really useful for making sure you don't overload your paint brush with too much paint.

Sarah Glynn Designs | Sarah Glynn Designs

Sarah knows we've all had paint drip on the ground one too many times.

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I mean, with all these nifty office supply hacks, why wouldn't you want to steal all the office supplies?!

Giphy | Giphy

Not saying I do this or anything, but if you see me over by the supply closet, you know why!

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14. Binder clips are also super handy for keeping tea bags out of your mug.

Lifehacker | Lifehacker

I mean, you want ample flavor, but you don't want the bag swimming around in the cup either. Whitston shared this over on Lifehacker, and I am here for it!

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15. If you've ever struggled to get a shoelace back through the holes of your shoes, you're going to want to try this hack!

Pinterest | Pinterest

Add tape to the ends of your shoelace to make them easier to push through. This works well with string and beads, too!

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16. Use a couple paper clips as a super cheap and easy-to-make phone stand.

Pinterest | Pinterest

Sometimes, a phone stand is way more useful than you initially realize. Need one in a pinch? Paper clips are perfect!

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17. Do you want nail wraps that perfectly fit your nails?

Dole Whip A Day | Dole Whip A Day

It's always a pain to try and cut them to the perfect size. Use clear tape to measure your nail to the perfect size, then use that to trim the nail wrap. I honestly would never have thought to do this!

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18. A binder clip is a surprisingly useful way to keep all of your cash and cards in one place.

Wise Bread | Wise Bread

I've seen a few people do this using an elastic band and a paper clip, too! I think a binder clip might be the safest option, though.

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19. Want to make sure your new heels are bearable to walk in all day long?

Woman's Vibe | Woman's Vibe

Forget those fancy products that claim to help, apparently all you need is some tape on your toes!

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20. I've lost the plastic piece that comes with a razor more times than I can possibly count.

Dinosaurs And Robots | Dinosaurs And Robots

If you've lost yours and need something to keep your fingers safe, then a binder clip is a great way to protect yourself!

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21. This hack uses two of every creative hacker's favorite supplies: hot glue, and a paper clip.

Creative Khadija | Creative Khadija

It certainly makes hanging items around your home so much easier! I can get behind this one for sure.

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22. Elastic bands may have tons of uses, but have you ever thought to use them in your closet?!

Awesome Inventions | Awesome Inventions

My clothes are always falling off the hangers. This is such a smart way to make them stay put!

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Well, those hacks are pretty nifty!

Giphy | Giphy

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