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15 Lifehacks So Easy, You'll Wish You'd Hacked Them Yourself

Diply 15 Jun 2018

I'm totally the type of person who looks at something at a store and thinks, "I can make that." But when it comes to coming up with crazy lifehacks, I'm not the best at making up innovative things.

However, I do love to utilize a good lifehack in my home and in my life. Whenever I see a good one, I get excited to implement it. These are hacks so easy, I really wish I had come up with them myself!

1. Binder clips are perfect for keeping your freezer nice and tidy.

Reddit | vitruv

Who even uses binder clips in binders anymore? They are so much more useful around the house than they are holding a few pieces of paper together.

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2. Towel racks inside a cupboard door make for a great lid rack.

Reddit | Reddit

I never know how to properly store my pots and pans and their lids! This is a great way to save a ton of space in your kitchen.

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3. Who else hates when your ice cream is rock hard, but you just wanna live your best ice cream life?

Reddit | CorbinMontego

If you put it in a freezer bag, it apparently stays nice and soft. I need to give this one a try!

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4. Next time your air freshener runs out of its scent, just add a few drops of essential oils.

Reddit | BeaulaGoo

Pure essential oils smell great, and they are way better for your body than the artificial ones coming from an air freshener.

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5. Rubber bands are the perfect chopping companion when you're cutting asparagus.

Reddit | smalltwngrl

By putting rubber bands on either side, the ends of your asparagus won't roll off the counter.

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6. If you're worried about someone stealing your registration sticker, just slice it up with a knife.

Reddit | LittleDank

They won't be able to get it out, and this expensive sticker will be safe on your license plate for good.

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7. If there are two things that I wish would ripen themselves faster, it's avocados and bananas.

Imgur | cesarkuriyama

This Reddit user tossed an avocado in a beer cozy, and for some reason it ripened much quicker!

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8. If you've lost the lid to a jar, it's not totally useless! 

WTVideo | WTVideo

You can deflate a balloon to snap to the top of the jar to act as a replacement. Plus, it's super satisfying to watch!

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9. Carving pumpkins is a pain in the butt, and scooping out of that tiny hole at the top is the worst.

Reddit | Daannii

No one sees the back of the pumpkin anyway, so you might as well cut it out, too!

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10. Next time you're having takeout, use a rubber band to hold down the flaps.

Reddit | Raidcus

This way when you're eating your favorite rice, you won't get smacked in the face by the flaps.

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11. Doesn't everyone just want some super cold water in their water bottle?

Reddit | Isai76

This hack is a great way to keep your water nice and cool. I've gotta try this one!

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12. Isn't it the worst when you forget to take your ground meat out of the freezer and have to wait for it to thaw?

Reddit | Amc724

Well, if you roll it really thin and then freeze it, it'll thaw so much quicker!

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13. I'm pretty sure this is exactly the type of parent I'm going to be one day.

Reddit | junn0

Considering I'll do anything to avoid making a second trip when bringing up groceries, I totally know this is going to be me.

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14. If you're worried about your toiletries exploding or leaking when travelling, put a piece of plastic wrap between the lid and the bottle. 

Reddit | brett_riverboat

This will help you save on product, and will also prevent having to wash everything you packed if it does explode.

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15. A nail file actually makes a pretty good bookmark, and it holds the pages from flipping closed, too.

Reddit | mastermindsock

Whenever my books want to close on themselves, I'm always putting heavy things on top. This is so much smarter!

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Don't you wish you had come up with these brilliant lifehacks?!

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COMMENT to let us know which ones you're going to try, and don't forget to SHARE!

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