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16 Lifehacks That Ain't Helpin' Anybody

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Lifehacks — the internet's full of 'em. From using chopsticks to eat Cheetos to putting clear nail polish on your buttons, they can actually be pretty useful. Well, most of the time, that is.

Today, we're looking at totally useless, dumb, or just plain weird "lifehacks" that really shouldn't be used by anybody. But at the very least, they're good for a laugh!

1. Shelf falling apart on you? Just fashion up a "load-bearing" can of soup! 

Reddit | Scorpionoxide

Yeah, 'cause that'll be stable. Lord help you if someone in your family makes a grilled cheese.

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2. Maybe Denny's should just stick to making breakfast food. 

Tumblr | dennys

This coffee contact solution sounds like something out of the diary of a madman! Like, what is going on over there?

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3. Here's a lifehack that guarantees your roommates will hate you!

Twitter | @georgeresch

I get that no one likes doing dishes, but definitely no one likes people who don't do dishes even more.

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4. Mmmm, now your clothes will smell bean fresh!

Instagram | @ifunnymeme

If you've been on the internet in the past year or so, I'm sure you've come across the many "fantastic" uses for baked beans — smh.

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5. Here's one that no tennis player will Love.

Reddit | Matt70655

I doubt you're gonna have a great rally with these half-balls, but there's bound to be some other dumb lifehack use for them, right?

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6. It's called fashion, sweetie, look it up!

Reddit | Webber_The_Medic

Look, I know we all love pizza and all, but if you're so obsessed that you're making it wearable, you need to reevaluate your life.

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7. Can't afford a selfie stick? Don't worry, this DIY master has you covered!

Reddit | ripeinmay

All you have to do is not care about how the picture will turn out, I guess.

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8. I definitely want to save time in my morning routine and all, but I'm not sure I'm ready for this.

Reddit | [deleted]

Not until, that is, they finally invent bacon flavored toothpaste!

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9. They should just let the guy have a hotplate or something!

Reddit | abstractquatsch

First of all, I feel bad this dude is desperate enough to eat spam. But also, again, never do this!

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10. Didn't buy the right kind of M&Ms? All you'll need is a hot glue gun and a lack of self-awareness. 

Reddit | hannahc137-420

Yeah, apparently you can just glue peanuts right on there. Please don't...but you can.

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11. And since you got the ol' glue gun out, might as well gussy up that sink a bit, huh?

Reddit | Misvier

Because that won't be a pain to wash. And it looks...well, pretty bad.

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12. Nope. No, I don't think that's how any of that works!

Reddit | JavaReallySucks

Seriously, guys, I don't know how much I can write "don't do this" in this article, so from now on, it's just implied. Cool? Cool.

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13. Wow, that's quite a deal on this hipster hoverboard.

Reddit | flightist

Is that just a piece of a tricycle? Nooo! It's a retro hoverboard, man! Smh, hey, if you can sell it, chase that paper, son.

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14. This one is gonna change the game, for sure!

Reddit | Reddit

Who would've ever thought of wearing a plastic bag like a backpack? Well, no one, really. If you wanna use this one, though, go right ahead — you wonderful weirdo, you.

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15. I have been meaning to ketchup on my reading, lately.

Imgur | alotofthings

If this doesn't work for ya, you can always make your own with a $1 bill. It only costs a dollar!

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16. And lastly, I know a lot of us are excited for the holidays, but please don't take it this far.

Instagram | @no_chillbruh

Even Will Ferrell in Elf would consider this a bit much.

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