16 Times People Needed To Speak To A Manager

Diply 13 Apr 2018

Life isn't all minion memes, minivans, and Kate Gosselin haircuts, okay? Sometimes, Mercury is in Gatorade and the stars don't align and your horoscope is like, 100% not you that day and what you really need is a manager to shake your French-manicured finger at. We've all been there, am I right, ladies?!

Now someone go get a manager before these people are late dropping off Brayden/Jayden/Hayden/Gatoraiden to soccer practice.

1. Looks like Kroger left Rebekah with some blue balls.

Twitter | @rebekahGbutler

And those blue balls were clearly pretty angry about it, because they did this to her. I hope her and Kroger were able to work through it, otherwise I'm sure she's gonna wanna talk to someone about this.

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2. How upset about this can you really be?

Twitter | Twitter

If you were to order a coin collection valued at a hundred bucks and they accidentally sent you one valued at a thousand, would you really be angry about it? No? Well then, I don't see what the problem is.

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3. Isn't his number right on your screen if you want it that badly?

Me.me | Me.me

Considering the type of service Verizon provides, I'm not surprised that they hire people who'd get this twisted. I don't event think a manager could help if they worked there.

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4. We're going to need to go a bit higher this time.

Twitter | @HunterFisher21

Screw the manager, this guy should be calling the police for this blatant robbery of his 15 minutes of fame.

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5. Well, technically.

Twitter | @jadepops1999

This guy would wanna talk to the manager to ask where the hoop earrings are, but it still counts. The title wasn't "16 Times People Needed To Speak To A Manager To Scream At Them."

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6. This isn't how pizza works.

Reddit | golfprokal

Trust me, I would know. The only thing more hot and ready than the pizza is me when I'm about to eat one. I'm basically an expert, and this isn't what cheese looks like.

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7. I'd be McDoubling down on the manager if my burger showed up like this. 

Instagram | @memes

I'm gonna blame those tears on the extra onions, too, and not the fact that it felt like a representation of my life.

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8. In this case, I think it's the barista who's gonna be the one asking for a manager. 

Twitter | @vspookygirl

They're gonna wanna know if they actually have to fulfill this ridiculous order.

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9. An effort was made.

Twitter | @SuzanneBradish

Not a good one, but certainly some kind of effort. I mean sure, they both have spring in the name, but so do some mattresses, and they knew not to send her one of those.

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10. Her money is just as good here as everyone else's!

Twitter | @richhomiewen

The math is just off a little bit. Everybody knows that ten Barbie bucks converts to three American dollars.

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11. I don't feel like you can screw up this badly without trying.

Reddit | casserole09

I'd be asking for a manager to make sure that the person who took my order wasn't actually drunk if they came to my table with a plate like this.

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12. I looked into this, and the guy who was receiving the order left instructions to have the parcel put through the window.

Twitter | @SJCooke94

If he asks for a manager, it should be to apologize for making the delivery person feel bad.

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13. Who ya gonna call?!

Funnyjunk | Funnyjunk

GHOST MANAGER! Wait, is that disrespectful to the dead? No more disrespectful than Snapchatting this and posting it on the internet, right? If this were my casket, I'd just be happy that God was giving me one last chance at internet fame.

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14. I should be thanking this manager.

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

I need all the help I can get when it comes to my shopping problem, and being terrified by the store display will probably do the trick.

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15. Yeah, but can you trust it?

Instagram | @mallofmeme

I'm gonna be honest, I don't have a lot of of faith in microwave presets. If this is anything like the popcorn button, I'm gonna be demanding a manager to discuss my undercooked baby.

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16. Dessert and human anatomy definitely do not beLUNG together.

Twitter | @NHLFlyera

Unless it's heart-shaped. Or lip-shaped. Or honestly, penis-shaped. You know what, forget what I said earlier. Dessert + human anatomy = love.

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