14+ Laundry Room Solutions You Didn't Know You Needed

Diply 31 Jul 2018

The laundry room can easily become a mess of single socks, clothes of all colors, and crammed cleaning supplies.

Don't feel bad — the laundry room just has a knack for getting messy.

You know what's nice though? A super clean and organized laundry room. You may not know it now, but it's amazing when you can see all of your laundry necessities because they're where they're supposed to be.

Getting rid of any clutter feels so good, so use these tips to help get neat and organized.

1. For those poor socks who lost their soul mate during the wash cycle...

Instagram | @foxhollowdesignscanada

Create this awesome Harry Potter-themed sign like Instagrammer @foxhollowdesignscanada did. Help your socks find their pair or donate your socks to free the elves!

Dobby has no master!

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2. Here's a laundry solution that'll help get rid of all those single socks in your laundry room! 

Mary Ann's Cupboards | Mary Ann's Cupboards

Mary Ann's Cupboards uses a mesh bag to wash all their socks. Mesh bra bags would work perfectly, too! This way, your socks are staying in one place.

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3. You know what's the worst? Taking your nice work clothes out of the dryer and having them immediately wrinkle!   

IHeart Organizing | IHeart Organizing

By making a hanging rack over your laundry machines — like IHeart Organizing did — you can immediately hang up your fave blazer and avoid a wrinkly mess later.

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4. Never pull a ruined $5 bill out of your pocket again.

We Got The Funk | We Got The Funk

Okay, so I may have done this once or twice. It sucks! Making this sign like We Got The Funk and having it right in front of my laundry machine will be a great reminder to check all pockets.

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5. Put a printable on your laundry room wall to remind yourself about all different types of stain removal! 

Tip Junkie | Tip Junkie

This is helpful because instead of going and looking it up on the internet, you can easily just look at your chart. Find a free printout at Tip Junkie. Goodbye ketchup stain!

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6. Drying sheets can be a real lifesaver, especially the scented kind! 

YouTube | Rachel Talbott

With some light colored fabric, vinegar, and essential oil, you can make your own drying sheets that will leave your clothes smelling fresh. Rachel Talbott shows us how to make them!

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7. For those of us who have tiny laundry rooms, try this DIY hack! 

The Craftery | The Craftery

The Craftery built a mini closet in between the studs in the wall. If you're good at working with wood, you can definitely complete this project. I'm in love with this adorable mini storage space.

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8. Don't take up shelf space with all of your cleaning supplies. Besides, it's easier to find them this way! 

The Gina Monologues | The Gina Monologues

Simply use a towel rack to hang all of your different cleaning sprays in your laundry room like The Gina Monologues. It's clutter-free and a simple way to grab and go.

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9. You'll save so much time when doing your laundry with this creation! 

YouTube | Specific Love Creations

Specific Love Creations used wood pallets to create a three-tier laundry basket system for organizing lights, darks, and colors. You'll definitely need some wood working skills for this DIY, so grab your handiest friend!

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10. Folding tables and ironing boards take up too much unnecessary space. 

YouTube | Rachel Talbott

And the tops of washing and drying machines often go wasted! Make the best use of the space by DIYing your own ironing board like Rachel Talbott and placing it on top. It'll double as an ironing and folding station!

Why didn't I think of this before?

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11. A custom drying rack that is also space efficient? Heck yes! 

A Diamond In The Stuff | A Diamond In The Stuff

A Diamond In The Stuff used an old crib spring to hang from their ceiling as a drying rack. Talk about an easy way to steam your shirts!

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12. I forget to check my lint in the dryer all the time. It's actually a fire hazard! 

YouTube | Neverending Creations

Create a lint bucket like Neverending Creations and leave it on top of your dryer. Looking at the bucket will help you remember to empty it!

P.S. Lint is a great fire starter for campfires, too.

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13. Give your utility sink a makeover with a varnished wood frame. 

Timeless Creations | Timeless Creations

Not only does this take away the ugliness of the standalone sink, but it gives you more space to set items down. This project by Timeless Creations makes the sink look much sleeker and high-end.

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14. Does your laundry room have one of those half walls that makes your dryer poke out? 

Well Groomed Home | Well Groomed Home

The solution is a dryer box! Check out this one at Well Groomed Home. This will give you more space, and it will make your washer line up with your dryer much better.

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15. Organize your laundry liquids in a crafty and cool way! 

Simply Designing | Simply Designing

Simply Designing drilled holes into the wood pieces and painted them with chalkboard paint. String them around mason jar dispensers and label away!

Pouring soap has never been more fun!

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16. This may be the ultimate hack for those living the roommate life. 

Mother's Niche | Mother's Niche

Mother's Niche uses a whiteboard marker to leave notes on top of the washer and dryer. Never will your roommate accidentally ruin your jeans again! Thank goodness.

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