People Want Kourtney Kardashian To Delete An Offensive Tweet, And They're Furious About It

Diply 1 Aug 2018

In case you haven't realized, social media is just one big résumé of your character that you submit to the rest of the world. Like most people's résumés, it could probably do with a bit of updating.

Basically, that's just one, big, barely fleshed-out analogy to say that you should update your social media presence to reflect your current values.

At least, that might be my advice to Kourtney Kardashian.

Twitter | @kourtneykardash

Because recently, someone unearthed one of her tweets from 2016, where she posted a photo of herself wearing a beige suede dress and choker, then captioned it, "POCAHONTAS VIBES."

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Obviously, it's 2018, and we're all aware if the term cultural appropriation.

Twitter | @Justxlikeheaven

The user who found the tweet, @Justxlikeheaven, shared it with the caption, "Dead ancestors aren't a 'vibe' you pilgrim a** b****."

This brought new attention to Kourtney's misstep, and was followed by a string of other users calling out the Kardashian's caption.

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Now, it's fairly safe to assume that Kourtney was referring to the Disney film and character, Pocahontas. 

Animation for Adults | Animation for Adults

The problem is, the actual story of Pocahontas (whose birth name was Amonute and later went by Matoaka) is a much more complex historical tale than the one relayed by Disney.

So, while Kourtney's intentions may have been playful and innocent, her comment actually relates to a much larger history and people, neither of which should be reduced to a fashion statement.

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However, others defended Kourtney, zeroing in on the fact that this was a tweet from over two years ago.

Twitter | @ohkurr

To be fair, we do currently live in an increasingly culturally sensitive social climate, so the chances of Kourtney posting this same image in 2018 seem pretty low.

This doesn't necessarily excuse the reference, but it also doesn't prove that Kourtney is presently insensitive towards Native Americans, or hasn't learned anything since 2016.

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But remember what I said about updating your social media résumé?


All I'm saying is that if I were a rich Kardashian sister, I would pay someone to go through my old tweets and delete comments I made that don't reflect my present beliefs or understandings.And hopefully, for Kourtney, that would mean the removal of this particular tweet.

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