16 Pics That Are Kinda Fun To Look At

Diply 28 Mar 2018

The internet can be a very easy place to waste your time, but sometimes we deserve it. Take a break from your day to look at the interesting things that other people have done and shared. It could be fun.

1. Sometimes things are not fine

Reddit | Exstent

Never has a pen represented life so accurately. This reminds me of those final years of university where you're trying to convince yourself that you can still pull all-nighters. If you're seeing double, take a break.

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2. Somebody had too much time on their hands

Reddit | therealsoniclover59

It's nobody's business what you do in the bathroom, but why would you make this masterpiece? Somebody would just come along and ruin it anyway. It looks like Pippi Longstocking or something.

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3. Straight out of Mario Kart

Reddit | holyninja

These would be a great replacement for the boring old stick figures we see every day. You wouldn't be able to see the warning at high speed, but maybe that's the whole point.

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4. Talk about blending in

Reddit | p3rcymiracl3z

It would be nice to hide away from the world as seamlessly as this dog taking a nap. I bet it's all fun and games until the vacuum comes out to play — a dog's worst nightmare.

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5. Did that get him any free chicken?

Reddit | Stoltz3

Hey, old age has to be good for something. Hopefully it got this man the free meal he deserves for looking like the Colonel.

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6. That looks delicious

Reddit | shaplessdude

That's right, I'm a firm believer of pineapple belonging on pizza. However, I do enjoy more than one topping. This is a pure dedication to the cause.

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7. No wonder things are going slow

Reddit | Reddit

I can't keep up with today's new gaming trends. As far as I know, it looks like a nice setup without the mouse.

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8. I wish I was artistic like that

Reddit | ineed_somelove

When my hair comes out in the shower, it's a plumber's worst nightmare. The only thing it resembles is a terrible, hairy monster.

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9. I'm glad this isn't mine

Twitter | @sonny5ideup

OK. I'm the kind of person who mixes several types of slushie flavors together, but this is some scary stuff. How could this ever taste good?

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10. A dad in the making

Reddit | Manda-lee23

That's a pretty useful trick, but I thought magicians never revealed their secrets? Rookie mistake. She could always give up and write dad jokes instead.

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11. The real winner

Instagram | Instagram

I love when people think outside the box. That's the only ranch I enjoy anyway. It certainly helps out when I eat vegetables. I can hardly manage without.

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12. Who has that kind of time?

Instagram | @mhiz.smirk

I can barely do my own makeup, let alone even attempt this. How is she not afraid of smudging all that hard work?

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13. It's true

The Meta Picture | The Meta Picture

Who knows when we will ever need those random items, but when we do, we'll be ready to face the world. I always knew I needed that shoelace.

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14. So that's how they do it

Reddit | iBleeedorange

I want to meet the person who has perfected such art. No matter what lengths I go to, my double chin comes out to play.

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15. What kind of monster did this?

Reddit | dspspanky

I'm not huge on these little things as they are, so I can't look at this picture without cringing from within my core. Somebody needs help.

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16. Sixth-hand smoke?

Reddit | tocamix90

I'm not really sure why this is a thing, but it's giving me an Edward Scissorhands vibe, and I'm not here for it. This version is even more frightening though.

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