Jeffree Star And Jake Paul's Twitter Exchange Has Fans Upset

Diply 9 Apr 2018

Jeffree Star and Jake Paul: Quite possibly two of the biggest internet celebrities out there. While Jeffree rose to internet stardom by way of the beauty industry, Jake gained millions of young fans by, well, doing random stuff and recording it, I guess?

Anyways, these are two celebs that we never imagined would collaborate together. But after Jeffree recently started a Twitter thread with Jake, fans are pissed at Jeffree for engaging with the Team 10 vlogger.

D R A M A !

In quite possibly the most L.A. tweet in existence, Jeffree offered to race Jake after spotting his Tesla driving right in front of his own. 

Twitter | @JeffreeStar

For me, the most concerning part about this tweet is the fact that Jeffree thought it was a good idea to whip out his cellphone while driving. Was that really necessary?!

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Anyways, Jake concluded that it was, in fact, him driving in front of Jeffree and suggested that Jeffree run him off the road like all of his fans were rooting for. 

Twitter | @jakepaul

Regardless of whether or not you like Jake Paul, running someone off the road seems a tad bit extreme.

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The Twitter thread continued with Jeffree suggesting that in addition to the vlog about their "Tesla race," Jake should also do Jeffree's makeup. 

Twitter | @JeffreeStar

When the worlds of these two internet stars collided, fans were all kinds of livid.

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As it turns out, Jeffree Star fans really don't like Jake Paul. 

Twitter | @Toni_OfMoon

This doesn't come as a huge shock, to be honest. Jake Paul fans are a particular breed of person, and the same goes for Jeffree Star fans.

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Fans were definitely not thrilled about the potential for a vlog collaboration between Jeffree and Jake. 

Twitter | @LVHLARTS

Jeffree's fans voiced that Jeffree is way too good for Jake and that he shouldn't be affiliating himself with him.

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And as per usual when Jeffree engages with internet drama, many former fans chose to hit that "unsubscribe button." 

Twitter | @glossyangelc

Bet Jeffree wishes he never tweeted at Jake now. But I'm sure he's just fine, rolling in his millions of dollars in his Los Angeles mansion.

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Jeffree's fans being angry doesn't really come as a surprise considering all of the controversy Jake has brought upon himself in the past.


But do you think that Jeffree's fans overreacted at their Twitter exchange?COMMENT and let us know your thoughts.

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