12+ Irritating Pics That Make Everyone Twitchy

Diply 13 Jul 2018

There's a lot of crap going on in the world right now, and you might be thinking that paying any attention to the minor irritations in our lives is selfish.

Which, okay, yeah. It's pretty selfish to complain about the way someone changes the toilet paper roll, but at the same time, doesn't it just feel good to vent a little bit? I mean, we may not be able to solve world hunger by ourselves, but maybe we can change someone's bad habits for the better.

So stop only taking half a muffin and leaving the rest in the kitchen, Karen!

1. So close, and yet, so far.

Reddit | cate5667

There's a fresh roll installed and it's even in the right direction, but not only did they not toss the finished roll away, there's garbage stuffed inside.

Things that don't belong in bathroom stalls: food wrappers. Don't eat in the bathroom, people!

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2. This. This. THIS.


I know that phone manufacturers legally have to include this, but I'm a grown-up and can choose how loud I listen to my music, thanks.

It's especially annoying when I'm listening to a podcast which doesn't even need the same sort of hearing protection features.

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3. When the sole of your shoes wear out in an awkward way.

Reddit | twobly

Mine do this on the outside of my right heel. Presumably this is because I naturally stand or walk with extra pressure on that spot. So why is it that when the sole wears out, every muscle and bone up my right side hurts?

You'd think it would match my natural stance more, not less.

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4. Why won't my transaction complete? Oh, because these buttons are stupid.

Reddit | Fmichael302

ENTER is a red X and CANCEL is a green circle. That's not confusing at all. Totally doesn't break established conventions or make this keypad completely impossible for those with impaired vision to use correctly.

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5. Somehow, I always get mad at the paper towel when this happens.

Reddit | chris22ah

Even if I'm tearing it one-handed, from an awkward angle, while not even looking, it's the paper towel's fault for not being perforated perfectly.

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6. One wrong tile is annoying enough, but when it's a specific optical illusion that's messed with, I get super twitchy.

Reddit | justachameleon

Just tear it all up and do it over. That's the only solution to this monstrosity.

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7. When every bowl of cereal for the next two weeks is going to be impossible to pour.

Reddit | duckyrosie

See also: when the milk carton's spout won't open correctly and you end up having to mangle the cardboard just to get access.

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8. You'd think this was standardized. 

Reddit | Kvothe31415

I mean, the rest of it is. They're the same shade of blue in the same blue cases with the same logos, but are they the same length? Nope. Because no one appreciates a well-organized media shelf anymore.

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9. When stores waste time and money on pointless packaging.

Reddit | ory1994

No wonder they're charging a whopping $1.25 for a single potato. It takes a lot of man-hours and materials to shrink wrap individual potatoes.

To those on Reddit trying to argue that it's for quick and easy baked potatoes: the wrapping is plastic!

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10. Restaurants that serve cold butter with their bread deserve zero stars on Yelp.

Reddit | splatlame

Was the food and service otherwise incredible? Who cares! Spreadable butter is the bare minimum that should be expected.

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11. When you open a Where's Waldo book only to discover some kid has circled him on every page.

Reddit | JaMarcusHustle

Someone find this kid and stage an intervention early, because they are clearly a sociopath destined to become a supervillain.

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12. Having to find the scissors or dig at the cardboard with your fingernails because this happened. 

Reddit | conbby7737

I just wanted a fresh pen! Why won't you let me get it out of the packaging easily?!

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13. It's such a small thing, yet it's such a wrong thing!

Imgur | Imgur

I know it's not something that can be fixed that easily, but how could you live in a place that annoys you just by looking at it?!

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14. Every. Single. TIME!

Imgur | Imgur

It's not rocket science, and the "instructions" are pictured right in front of you, but do you think we can ever get it right on the first pull?

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15. When your utensils get away from you.

Reddit | callsignViper

I definitely love a big bowl of pho, but I always seem to get the slipperiest spoons. At that point, I'm basically using scuba gear to dive in and get it!

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16. Oh, look! They erected a monument to this struggle.

Reddit | AssturdLevinson

You know it's real when there's a whole art installation about it. Can't wait to see the paper towel dispensing statue in the future.

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17. Stickers that do their job a little too well.

Reddit | Fattydog

I guess in this case, it's the opposite of most of the junk on this list — still just as annoying, though!

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18. Some people just don't understand boundaries.

Reddit | rocz24

Or the fact that, you know, we don't want your gross feet on our windows or by our heads when we're traveling! What's wrong with you?!

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19. Holy bread! Well, that's just great.

Imgur | Imgur

Not only are you missing, like, a quarter of the bread here, but your sandwich fillings have a clear escape path now!

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20. And the bread that we want to have a hole in? Well, that'll get messed up too.

Imgur | Imgur

If I can't trust someone with a simple bagel slicing, how can I ever trust people again?

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21. How CVS wastes this much paper for a single pack of gum.

Reddit | Googs84

I just wanted minty-fresh breath, not a long series of oddly specific coupons that would be easier to use if they stopped wasting paper and embraced mobile apps.

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22. The point to a popsicle — or any treat on a stick, really — is to enjoy a treat one-handed without getting messy.

Reddit | wazowski_kachowski

This ice cream bar fails that job spectacularly.

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23. This isn't just annoying, it's possibly dangerous.

Reddit | Saifzak

These bumpy sections of sidewalk exist to help the visually impaired find the button and cross the street safely. Having a section of the bumps in the wrong place can seriously impede that!

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24. I just want to pay and escape the parking garage!

Reddit | mccarthybergeron

My head hurts just trying to translate how to use this machine. Even the "Out of Service" sign doesn't help, because its "To The Right" arrow is pointing at an empty corner!

Just give up and press the Help Button.

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