20+ Interesting Ideas That Deserve A Little Spotlight

Diply 24 Oct 2018

Who knows what the next big thing will be? Or even the next medium thing that sort of elbows into our lives and quietly settles in to become a regular, ordinary thing that just works better? It's hard to say for sure, but it's always encouraging that people keep trying to design new and better stuff for us.

Maybe none of these interesting ideas will catch on in the long term. But for now, they're at least worth a look.

1. Not sure if this is a custom job or after-market kit, but lighting up the spare tire on this Jeep to work as an extra brake light seems like a bright idea.

Reddit | bigbuzz55

Nothing wrong with being extra visible on the road!

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2. At this shop, if you can't decide which drink you want to order, you can go ahead and order two.

Reddit | superrosey101

They'll be served in a split cup so you don't have to decide.

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3. Coffee is absolutely essential to getting the day off to a proper start, and getting your java in an uplifting cup would be even better.

Reddit | jabrahssicpark

Who doesn't want to start their day feeling good about themselves?

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4. Usually when you see an attempt at separating recycling and trash like this, it all goes into the same bag underneath, but you can see here that the liquids at least have their own receptacle.

Reddit | millowissweet

So there's hope that this nicely designed coffee disposal station works as well as it should.

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5. Celebrating your customers' favorite companions when they come through the drive-thru isn't just good for morale — it's also a great way to make your customers feel like part of a community.

Reddit | chair823

And, bonus, you end up with a display of adorable dogs, too.

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6. This is just a perfect way to decorate for a shop that sells popcorn. 

Reddit | mackenzie_marie09

I don't know what kind of flowers they are, but you can't ask for better popcorn imitators.

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7. These bricks, seen on the outskirts of Dallas, are all shaped like the state of Texas.

Reddit | kmatchi

The fact that it fits so well with itself is just further proof of Texas' unique awesomeness.

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8. This hotel reuses its old, stained towels as rags, provided to its guests as a way of saving the newer, brighter towels from having to be turned into rags.

Reddit | SlipperyPockets

Not sure I would have gone with "The Rag" for a name, however.

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9. Parents and their babies can have more bonding moments at the playground with this swing that allows the two of you to swing together, face-to-face.

Reddit | sillygillygumbull

Which has to be much more interactive than you just pushing your baby in the swing.

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10. In this elevator, you can touch a pad to discharge static electricity so you don't get a shock when you push a button.

Reddit | Reddit

I feel like cars could really use these as well.

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11. The simple tweak of adding a button hole to a napkin has probably saved thousands of shirts from stains.

Reddit | coole106

Especially considering it was seen on a plane, where buttoning your napkin to your shirt is even more handy.

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12. I have to believe that there's actually a surprising number of people who want to keep their heads warm but not have to bundle up a thick head of hair to do so.

Reddit | goodjunkie

So this beanie with a hole for a ponytail looks like a great idea.

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13. This gym started lining its lockers with cedar planks after a fire left it smelling like smoke.

Reddit | LordOfJava

And I'm wondering if they should leave the planks to help mask some of the other odors that haunt gyms as well.

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14. You hope that nobody will ever need something like this coaster that can be used to test for roofies in your drink.

Reddit | gimmijohn

But sadly, they're very much needed, and every bar should welcome them.

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15. There's something soothing about these socks that look like sushi.

Reddit | jsakic99

I wonder if they still look that much like delicious rolls when they're on your feet, however, or if they're just arranged like that in the packaging.

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16. Whoever decided to add a lifter to pickle jars deserves a high five.

Reddit | joshstewart90

They must know all too well the nastiness of eating pickles after someone else's dirty fingers have been rooting around in there, and the frustration of chasing the last pickle with a fork.

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17. For once, there's a dry erase marker maker who doesn't want us to have to buy new markers all the time, because they've made one that's refillable.

Reddit | Man0Tech22

Anything to reduce waste, amirite?

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18. In Japan's subway, attempts to beautify the platforms include art display cases for the support columns.

Reddit | -aurelius

It's certainly odd, but there's also something clean and appealing about this, and it keeps graffiti off the columns, too.

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19. Obviously there's something more sturdy inside this length of rope, but it's still a cool illusion for a wine bottle holder.

Reddit | syymo

Pretty much guaranteed to be a nice conversation starter at parties, too.

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20. Vampire wine, on the other hand, stands very much on its own, with a sweet cape wrapped around its neck.

Reddit | PreoccupiedDuck

And you can definitely count on it not having any garlicky notes or aftertaste.

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21. When you get your tax return in Australia, you get a breakdown of how your tax dollars were spent.

Reddit | heapsgoods

Wouldn't all of us non-Aussies love to see something like this every year?

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22. Making sure that less marketable food doesn't get wasted, this company bags up the ugly carrots and sells them as "crazy carrots."

Reddit | andrew_sds

You have to imagine this is done with other kinds of produce as well.

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23. I love the idea of having a charging drawer, if only to keep all the cords managed and countertops free of devices.

Reddit | Reddit

Also, it's discreet and just plain neat.

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24. In the right spot, floating shelves that wrap around corners could make a huge difference in an oddly shaped space.

Reddit | FivePlus

Not just in terms of storage, but also in decoration because they're quite striking.

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