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16 Historical Pics To Pique Your Interest

Diply 3 Jul 2018

For roughly 5,000 years, humans have been recording history. And in the last 200 or so years, added photos to the old-school method of putting ink to paper (or tanned leather, pottery, you name it). Here's a fine collection of historical photos that show what life was like in decades past.

1. Photo taken of businessmen in a Greyhound station in the '60s, each with their own TV screens. It's a shame bus lines don't have first class seating these days!

Reddit | Orbit86

Then again, I guess back then you had a wide selection of about four channels.

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2. Lewis Cousins, the only African-American student looking super slick and nonchalant at his newly-desegregated school in 1959. 15 years old at the time.

Reddit | TriHard-

If you thought your years in high school were pretty rough, imagine yourself being in his situation.

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3. The Beatles preparing for the Abbey Road album photo in 1969.

Reddit | Morty_Goldman

Fun fact: Abbey Road is now a tourist trap where you can get your photo taken while crossing it. It's still an active road, though, so tourists often end up stopping traffic.

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4. The first few days after Sweden switched from driving on the left to driving on the right in 1967. Could you imagine doing the same thing today?

Reddit | KBAREY

I have a hard enough time remembering which sock is for which foot, never mind all this.

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5. A hands-free phone from 1880 — not completely mobile (there's still a cord attached), but certainly a leading cause of poor posture among 19th century youth.

Reddit | imnotrelaxed

And we thought cell phones were unhealthy!

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6. Lineup for the premiere of Star Wars: London, 1977 at the Leicester Square Theatre.

PA Images | Getty Images

Who knew this would turn out to be one of the biggest franchises of all time? These people did, apparently.

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7. An actual gym aboard the Titanic, circa 1912. That guy has no idea how important his rowing machine workout will turn out to be. 

Reddit | Justsoinsane

You know it's a real gym because there are other people just kinda standing around watching him

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8. Picture taken inside the offices of the Central Social Institution in Prague, 1937. 

Reddit | ibkeepr

Might also be the inspiration for how vending machines work, but don't quote me on that one.

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9. 1951, Olney, England. British housewives race while flipping pancakes in skillets. You can tell who the real go-getters are, like the lady in the middle!

Reddit | PanAfrica

This tradition is over 500 years old and actually continues to today, though I'm guessing there are more stay-at-home dads who enter.

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10. The adorable face of Tibet's spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, at the age of five in 1940.

Wikimedia | Wikimedia

Imagine being the face of an entire people when you're barely out of diapers. I have enough trouble with public speaking.

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11. This is the cover for a special edition of the LA Times, published in 1988. Funny enough, Back to the Future Part II wouldn't come out until the next year.

Reddit | demevalos

They definitely got the "urban stresses" part right. I'm not so sure about "techno-comfort."

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12. Anchorage, Alaska, 1964 after a massive earthquake. This almost looks like it could be a shot from a Mad Max film!

Reddit | ibkeepr

This is probably the most eventful thing to happen in Anchorage in a long, long time.

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13. This is from that one time in 1905 when the Mississippi river froze solid. Doesn't seem like somewhere you'd want (or be able) to skate, though!

Reddit | Old7777

Why wait in traffic on the bridge when you can hoof it instead?

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14. A spry 40-year-old Bernie Sanders cleaning up garbage in a park after being elected mayor of Burlington, VT in 1981.

Reddit | forbiddenhistory

Either that or, judging by the size of that fork beside him, he's been kidnapped by giants and forced to clean their house or be eaten.

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15. Prohibition-era cops (1926, to be exactly) inspecting a "lumber" truck suspected to be smuggling alcohol. Looks like they hit the jackpot!

Reddit | deathakissaway

The lengths people will go to in order to get booze is nothing short of staggering.

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16. This English bride is heading off to her wedding merely a few days after her home was bombed in the Blitz of 1940.

Hulton Deutsch / Contributor | Getty Images

If this isn't the definition of keep calm and carry on, I don't know what is.

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