12+ Inspiring Pics That Made Us Want To Pay It Forward

Diply 23 Aug 2018

Whoever says that kindness is in short supply these days isn't looking hard enough. Or they're looking in all the wrong places, because it's definitely out there.

The cool part is that once you find the kindness and the goodness out there, it tends to bring out the best in you. It inspires you to do your own part and spread the love. And then there's just a greater supply of kindness to go around!

1. Some helpful person pointed out where some wasps had set up a nest.

Reddit | QuoyanHayel

And anything that anyone does to help me avoid an encounter with even one wasp, let alone an entire nest, is 100% welcome.

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2. This man had five baskets of guavas to sell, representing his entire day's efforts. Instead, he donated his guavas to help with flood relief in Bangalore.

Reddit | haroon_shahzad

That's no small donation!

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3. This taxi driver laminated a sweet note from his child thanking him for working so hard to provide for the family.

Reddit | FewForms

You just know that note has gotten this guy through plenty of tough shifts.

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4. These empty cages at an animal shelter show just how successful a "Clear the Shelters" day was.

Reddit | SwingLifeAway93

That's a whole lot of lonely pets hooked up with forever homes!

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5. When this driver returned to find their car's battery had died, they also found this note from another concerned driver offering a jump.

Reddit | brittroaming

You'd have to feel a little less stranded and helpless, right?

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6. At this mini golf course, the 18th hold drops directly into the ocean, which is fine because the balls are made from fish food.

Reddit | gostoney

Now there's a water hazard we can get behind.

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7. This homeowner doesn't let his tree's branches get in the way of the sidewalk — he trims them into a charming little alleyway.

Reddit | vanko987

I have to admit, I would probably just lop those branches off altogether.

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8. During a competition in Philippines, strongman Robert Oberst raided the refreshment tent to get some snacks for a couple of hungry local kids. 

Reddit | gryant

The guy's got a heart as big as his biceps.

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9. What a relief it must be for a musician to find a note like this from a neighbor after practicing.

Reddit | theraccoonrobot

You know you're doing something right if you're making people dance!

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10. When the hand sanitizer next to some public bathrooms ran out, a kind soul left some wipes there for people to use instead.

Reddit | Dilpickle6194

Has to be better than nothing, amirite?

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11. "Found a wallet a couple of weeks ago inside of a car that I was renting. The wallet had credit cards and quite a bit of cash inside. The gentleman who it belonged to happen to be celebrating his birthday that same day. I was able to mail him his wallet. A few weeks later I receive this."

Reddit | RazorG
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12. In Germany, when traffic on the highway comes to a standstill, drivers will pull to either side of the road to make sure there's a lane for emergency vehicles.

Reddit | st0pX

Now that's a lifesaver!

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13. This guy saw that someone had left their bike in a risky spot without a lock, so he moved it and gave it a few repairs while he was at it.

Reddit | MashedPotatoh

Good as new!

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14. This busker kindly allows homeless people to take whatever they need from his earnings.

Reddit | tryingtogoviral

You could say he's playing it forward. I'm not even going to apologize for that pun.

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15. Imagine pulling up to a gas station air compressor with some low tires and finding that some strangers had left coins already arranged for you.

Reddit | vishnuspriestess

What a relief that would be! You don't realize how little cash you carry until you really need it.

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16. "My 90yo neighbor hasn’t walked her dog in years so I volunteered to do it for her," wrote Reddit user strikeoutsteph. "So proud of Buddy’s weight loss!"

Reddit | strikeoutsteph

Buddy doesn't look all that thrilled about it, but he must feel better all the same.

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