16 Inspirational Moments That Give Us Hope

Diply 17 Apr 2018

You have to love the smartphone age. Decry the people lost in their phones all you want, but one thing you can count on is that someone will have a camera on them when something cool goes down.

Sure, we could probably handle fewer selfies in the world, but if duckface is the price we have to pay for the ability to get inspiring moments like these on camera, it's worth it. We need all the honest-to-goodness smiles we can get.

1. "Two different kids. Speaking different languages. Different backgrounds. Befriended each other. They shared the entire flight back from France smiling and playing. It was a pretty cool moment."

Reddit | Donnol

Here's hoping they can hang on to that spirit for the rest of their lives.

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2. "My mom finding out she's pregnant again."

Reddit | CraftBeerMountaineer

It's hard to say whether she's overcome with joy, trepidation, worry, or something else — probably a blend of emotions, really — but the older sibling is clearly okay with the whole thing.

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3. "The first moment my mom and dad met 35 years ago, when they collided while playing volleyball."

Reddit | theshamwowguy

Love at first bump! And as the poster explained, the guy who took the photo ended up marrying that girl's sister!

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4. "My father has brain tumors and I was told he wouldn't make my graduation, well he mustered the strength and this is the moment captured when I saw him right after."

Reddit | randomeyeopen

He won't need the picture to remember that moment for the rest of his life, but I'm sure he's glad to have it all the same.

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5. "My friend was partially paralyzed a few years ago. She has been waiting years for this moment."

Reddit | ngcarson

This kind of freedom through technology has to be one of the best things about the 21st century.

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6. "Proud Dad Moment: My wife took my daughter to buy a dress. She came home with this!"

Reddit | gakule

She's figured out one of life's most important lessons early: when in doubt, always be Batman. Also, puddles are a real source of joy.

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7. "The moment my son opens a birthday card from grandpa with a $100 bill in it."

Reddit | igowest

That's the thing about grandparents — they know it's better to give a crisp $100 bill than five $20 bills.

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8. "Quincy's been waiting all week to show the garbage men his garbage truck. But, in the moment, he was overwhelmed in the presence of his heroes."

Reddit | samoforreal

Must have been a heck of a day for those garbage men, too.

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9. "Taking my first steps after a spinal fusion from T4-L4. This was the moment my life changed."

Reddit | crownedPom

You can just imagine how huge it would be to take steps after such a massive spinal surgery.

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10. "Proudest moment as a dad! My son got hit by a car on Tuesday, has punctured lung, lacerated liver, and a fracture on his pelvis. Manages to walk late on Wednesday."

Reddit | BrianRedditTwice

That kid is a warrior!

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11. "I saw this beautiful man holding a phone with both hands looking at the screen, smiling. I was drawn by his joy & asked for a photo.

Twitter | @MohamedGhilan

"He agreed, telling me he was talking to his wife back home. I asked if it was a video call. He said 'No, but I see her name on the screen.'"

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12. "This is my autistic child, and he just this moment discovered music.

Imgur | MisfitToy

"He's on the severe end. Doesn't really speak. He has just this moment taken interest enough in my headphones to discover music. He is attempting to sing along to Princes of the Universe by Queen, and Heavy Metal by Van Halen.... I COULD NOT BE MORE PROUD!!!!"

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13. "Friends of mine got married overlooking the San Diego Padres stadium. At the exact moment the minister said 'you may now kiss the bride,' Matt Kemp hit his 200th career home run, leading the stadium to shoot fireworks off."

Reddit | Reddit
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14. "My 94-year-old grandpa meeting my two-month-old son."

Reddit | Pimparoo_

That smile! And the kid only has eyes for his grandpa — it's like he already knows he's family. What a beautiful moment.

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15. "Every day, this mall security guard comes outside to help this 94-year-old WWII vet get his wheelchair out of his trunk so he can have coffee in the food court with his friends."

Reddit | TyeDyeSocks
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16. This train worker happily helped out a mom traveling on her own by taking her baby off her hands for a while so she could get a bite to eat.

Reddit | whydowetry

What a guy.

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