16 Insane Things That Made Us Question Our Whole World

Diply 28 Mar 2018

The further we go as a species, the harder it is to tell when people are kidding. The people at Tide probably figured those crazy kids weren't actually eating their detergent pods, but it wasn't worth the risk to ignore the problem.

But what if the world itself worked the same way? What if the weird things that happened were some sort of cosmic troll?

Will these pictures finally prove that's what's happening? Haha, of course not.

1. This is definitely how somebody cuts a sandwich, but the reason why is frustratingly unclear.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Do sandwiches taste better when their texture confuses your brain? Did somebody make someone else a sandwich and did this to mess with them?

Yeah, it's probably that one.

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2. Not only is this a real birthday cake for a little girl, it turns out she actually requested it.

Reddit | Ediferious

I thought I was hardcore for not being scared of the boat scene from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory as a youngin, but this kid makes me look lame.

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3. Well, this kind of makes sense. If there's one place we associate with trolls (besides the internet), it's a bridge.

Reddit | stacand1

Wait, somebody decided to paint trolls and put toys all over the place and my first reaction is, "This kind of makes sense?"

What's wrong with me?

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4. Well, at least I'm not as messed up as the one who made whatever this abomination is.

Reddit | K1nsey6

You know, I'm really glad that Woody got Sid to knock it off with some good ol' fashion trauma, 'cause you know he would've graduated to this one day.

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5. Either there are people who can only go when they think other people are watching, or whoever designed this bathroom is a complete sadist.

Reddit | LordofNarwhals

I just want to know how somebody's mind landed on the idea to surround someone who's just trying to poop with fake windows.

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6. What? You've never seen someone take their cow for a ride before? 

Reddit | separatemind

Honestly, I'm just surprised that Bessie here is so cool with this, because that car looks way too small for her. Is..is she riding shotgun?

I'm never gonna complain about legroom again.

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7. Haha, this costume captures Bart Simpson's rad, devil-may-care personality perfectly.

Reddit | CosmicKeys

Who can forget that classic episode where he...just sat in a blank room and sobbed uncontrollably?

Um, what cartoon has this person been watching? Are they OK? Is somebody making them do this?

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8. I'm legitimately not sure whether I'm happy or disgusted that this monstrosity exists.

Reddit | dnap3199

I can't help but feel like there's a very good reason that this person has only taken one bite of it though. If someone offers you this, eat it at your own risk.

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9. I understand that this bowl has convenient sections for the food, but was it too much trouble to wash it first?

Reddit | indi_n0rd

I guess the bugs that got stuck in the grille are a good source of protein, but I doubt the grime has much nutritional value.

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10. Somebody's gonna have to work pretty hard to convince me that anything that comes in this package protects my eyes.

Reddit | Agaeon

Until they change the label to say it steals your eyes in exchange for seeing all of the world's darkest secrets, I'm calling this false advertising.

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11. It might be hard to believe, but this guy's spinning himself around with his ATV while his friend jumps over his legs.


Most people just spin a rope or a sweater around when they play this game, but that's because most people aren't billionaires.

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12. I guess we'll call this weird anomaly lucky. Isn't it pretty much nature's equivalent of getting an extra McNugget? 

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

And since it's not weirdly glowing and this person didn't post a follow-up about their hair falling out, let's just not question it.

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13. Either someone's making fun of dumb lifehacks with this one, or they're about to have the world's most embarrassing hospital visit.

Reddit | Eezqu

If the world is disappointing and they actually went through with this, I hope they at least said "I'm a genius" first.

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14. For anyone who's screaming and worrying their pilot might try something like this, I urge you not to panic.

Reddit | MiamiNeon

Yeah, you can see the reflection of the runway in his sunglasses. And it's with the landing gear on the ground, so no, he's not about to crash.

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15. Well, I have to admit that this is a mighty fine fish.

Instagram | @memes_supplier

Sure, some purists might roll their eyes and point out that it's actually a crayon. But you don't have to feed it and there's no tearful moment where you flush it down the toilet.

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16. Normally, I'd passionately wave my hands in protest of such a willful violation of pasta rules, but I'll admit, I'm intrigued. 

Reddit | dyslexic-mamba

As long as this concoction can avoid tasting disgustingly sweet, I won't condemn green pasta to the same bottomless pit as spaghetti with ketchup.

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