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15 Impressive DIYs That'll Give Your Home Personality

Diply 22 May 2018

One of the best parts about having your own place is being able to fill it with things that reflect your personality and what you view as important in life. For some, family photographs and heirlooms take center stage, but others may want to showcase work by their favorite artist or cover every square inch with shelves that hold collections of books, old and new.

Whatever you choose to fill your home with, just remember to stay true to yourself. And if you're in need of a bit of inspiration in this area, take a look through the list of home-related DIYs below.

1. DIY Light-Up Headboard

Call Me Fudge | Call Me Fudge

Your bedroom should be a place where you can feel relaxed, happy, and comfortable. One way you can easily make this space feel like a mini oasis is with a fun headboard, like this!

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2. DIY Plastic Animal Planters

eHow | Tim and Mary Vidra

Even though Pinterest is saturated with this type of DIY, I'll never get tired of it. These adorable planters incorporate two of my favorite things into one project: animals and plants.

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3. DIY Rope Rug

A Beautiful Mess | A Beautiful Mess

The black and white color palette of the rope rug really allows the pretty wall color to pop in this kitchen. I can see one of these decorative accents ending up in my home in the not-so-distant future.

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4. DIY Umbrella Wreath

This Grandma Is Fun | This Grandma Is Fun

I'm a sucker for a good wreath idea, and this umbrella version is checking off all of my boxes. In my opinion, nothing else could represent spring more perfectly.

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5. DIY Bohemian Pendant Lamp Cover

Love Maegan | Love Maegan

A funky light fixture is one of the easiest ways to add personality to any space. This bohemian-inspired pendant cover is a bit on the wild side, but that's why I love it so much!

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6. DIY Dinosaur Toilet Paper Holder

The Chic Site | The Chic Site

Hey, look! Another craft involving a plastic animal! I bet it would be a lot easier to get the kids to refill the toilet paper holder if you had one of these cuties in your bathroom.

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7. DIY Dino Terrarium

Yellow Brick Home | Yellow Brick Home

Speaking of plastic dinosaurs, they also make great additions to DIYed terrariums. Just add a few coats of your favorite spray paint and they're ready to go.

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8. DIY Metal Hexagon Wall Art

Houseful Of Handmade | Houseful Of Handmade

Sometimes all a room needs is a unique piece of artwork to tie everything together. This metal hexagon wall art has the perfect mix of rustic and industrial elements, which means it could work in a variety of spaces.

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9. DIY Gilded Marble Hexagon Serving Boards

Sugar And Cloth | Sugar And Cloth

You don't have to buy fancy, expensive dishes to make your next get-together feel uber chic and sophisticated. Whip up a few of these marble serving boards and you'll be set.

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10. DIY Dipped Kitchen Utensils

Bespoke Bride | Bespoke Bride

Give that set of plain wooden cooking utensils you got as a housewarming present a fresh, new look by "dipping" it with your favorite paint colors.

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11. DIY Water Drop Solar Garden Lights

The Navage Patch | The Navage Patch

I've been doing a lot of work out in the garden lately, and while the plants I've chosen look awesome on their own, little accents, like this water drop solar light, can really take an outdoor space to the next level.

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12. DIY Flower Pot Fairy Garden

Daily Dose Of Style | Daily Dose Of Style

The next time you see a collection of terra-cotta pots at your local nursery, grab a few of them and throw a make-your-own fairy garden party. Trust me, your backyard will look insanely cute with a few of these scattered about.

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13. DIY Painted Picnic Basket

Tag & Tibby | Tag & Tibby

Even if you're not a big fan of picnics, you can use baskets as cute storage solutions in and around your home. Update a secondhand wicker basket with a bit of spray paint and I guarantee it'll fit right into your design plans.

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14. DIY Rainbow Resin Glitter Earrings

Instructables | Rhonda Chase Design

Wire, resin, and glitter are all you need to make your very own rainbow jewelry pieces. Just imagine all of the different design possibilities you could experiment with and how pretty they would look on a vanity display!

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15. DIY Hummingbird Perch

The Navage Patch | The Navage Patch

Make your outdoor space a welcoming, relaxing place for hummingbirds to hang out by placing a couple of pretty perches near your feeders. Now, the real challenge will be snapping clear photos of these lightening-fast birds enjoying them!

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Can you picture any of these DIY projects fitting perfectly into your home? Which one are you itching to try first?


Let us know in the COMMENTS, and make sure you remember to SHARE this collection of ideas with all of the crafty people in your life!

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