13+ Images So Weird We Must Be Dreaming

Diply 6 Jul 2018

Most of us spend our days surrounded by boring reality. From cubicles to commutes, our daily lives are enough to make us snooze. Every now and then, though, you'll see something that makes you think you are snoozing.

Don't know what we're talking about? We've got sixteen examples that will make you put down the phone and try to wake back up!

1. One does not simply walk into his litter box!

Reddit | SaltySarahh

We'd like to make a joke about this cat looking like Sauron, but this is pretty much how our own eyes look whenever Elijah Wood or Sean Astin are on the screen!

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2. When your grocery store decides to go long

Reddit | superancica

This is such an accurate recreation of a football game that we assume that half of these bottles in the stands are going to start a riot when their favorite team loses!

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3. Even Mother Nature got hyped for more Jurassic World

Reddit | bldega

We're not sure what's weirder: a cactus looking like a dinosaur or the fact that the dinosaur looks ready to lay some smack down! Forget Pikachu: we're definitely going to choose this guy.

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4. This gas station managed to preempt all of the "they suck" jokes

Reddit | moonpies4everyone

They get full points for creativity, but we're going to stay the hell away from any alleged "sweet tea" that turns your lips blue while you're drinking it!

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5. Now your flatbed cutter is playing with power!

Reddit | thomoski3

As long as we're turning old Nintendo products into rad new things, is it too late for some Power Glove-inspired winter wear?

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6. The city misunderstood the request for "24-karat trees"

Reddit | asorba

If you ever grew up wondering how Bugs Bunny kept getting lost on his way to Albuquerque, it's because of cities like this!

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7. Four score and seven dollars ago

Reddit | stickintheeye

Once they use pennies to make the rest of his body, the reborn Lincoln will be truly unstoppable! Better get on his good side and bring him a hat.

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8. Just in case your hands become moving targets

Reddit | DustyMudflap

This sink is pouring at a weird, messy angle because it's on a tilting cruise ship. What's your boyfriend's excuse?

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9. Move over, Skittles: this is the new way to taste the rainbow

Reddit | beetlecakes

We're pretty sure that eating this cheese will either give you powers or put you in the hospital. Either way, you'll get a road trip out of the deal!

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10. It turns out that whole land shark thing is real

Reddit | Sir_Skele

This is going to make for some really funny "before" photos in the event of an actual shark accident in the water.

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11. All in all, it's just another .jpg in the wall

Reddit | _Magnolia_

It doesn't get much more embarrassing than this: the school used the wrong name. Everyone knows this guy is named 00702.jpg!

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12. As soon as the wall stopped rolling, it gathered all the moss

Reddit | fudsworth

Most likely, this guy impresses people on Tinder by telling him that he just stares at a giant pile of green every day while he's at work.

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13. One down, forty-nine to go

Reddit | smt503

Rumor has it that after you visit every location, they have to put your face on a coin. We can't wait to be dropped by strangers on the subway!

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14. These bathrooms are unforgettable in all the wrong ways

Reddit | LoganJn

And as a side note: if you look down and see sprinkles, then it's definitely time to go to the doctor!

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15. This face is about to get an extra eight lives

Reddit | naomi9190

We hate to tell you, but your makeup is obsessed with the internet now. Tomorrow, it's going to be in the shape of a hashtag!

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16. Seeing a face hasn't been this bad since our last selfie

Reddit | kpetrenko

Once you see the face here, two things happen: 1) you worry about him drowning, and 2) you worry about where you're going to sit next time you get in!

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