16 Iconic Moments From 'Deadpool 2' That We Nearly Missed

Diply 18 May 2018

It seems like we've been waiting for Deadpool 2 to hit theaters for SO long now. The day has finally come, and Ryan Reynolds fans everywhere have been loving this movie so far.

It's jam-packed with quick-witted jokes — some that happen so fast, you might miss them if you blink. Don't worry, though. We got your back.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

1. The James Bond-inspired opening credits.

YouTube | 20th Century Fox

With quips like "Directed by: one of the guys who shot John Wick's dog," this opening credits scene was easily one of the best yet.

Not just from the Deadpool movies, but like, out of all the movies, ever.

Also, the band ​a-ha (who sings "Take On Me" in this movie) also sang the James Bond theme song for The Living Daylights.

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2. The Batman v Superman joke.


When Wade gets back home from fighting the bad guys, he tells Vanessa that he's late, saying, "I was fighting a caped [expletive], but then we discovered his mom is named Martha, too."It was a quick jab at the highly ridiculed Batman v. Superman plot line, where both characters stop fighting when they discover that their mothers are named Martha.

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3. Stan Lee's cameo — kind of.

Instagram | @therealstanlee

Fans were surprised to see that he doesn't make a physical appearance in the movie, because he typically does.

But there was a giant mural of Stan during the parachute scene with the X-Force, so we'll allow it.

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4. The Taylor Swift reference.


By now, you're probably well aware of Taylor Swift's two cats, Olivia and Meredith.Well, during the scene where Deadpool is in the X-Mansion, he's rocking a shirt with her cats on the front and words reading, "Olivia and Meredith, Friends Furrrever." It's pretty adorable.

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5. The cereal box.

YouTube | BBC Radio 1

Deadpool 2 breaks the fourth wall plenty of times.

One of the most laugh-out-loud moments was when DP picks up a cereal box with Wolverine's face on it, then starts writing on it with a marker. When he puts it down, it reads, "Ryan Reynolds."

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6. The Matt Damon cameo.

YouTube | The Graham Norton Show

Thanks to an insane amount of makeup and prosthetics, most fans missed this hilarious Matt Damon moment.

But remember the two rednecks sitting on the back of the truck? The one talking about the best way to "wipe" was actually Matt!

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7. The Brad Pitt cameo.

Flickr | Eva Rinaldi

This moment was so fast, you couldn't blink or you'd miss it.

But it turns out that he plays Vanisher, right before he was fried to a crisp.

There were once rumors that he was up for the role of Cable, so we're glad that he still made it into the movie — no matter how small the part was.

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8. The four-second X-Men cameo.

YouTube | ThrowbackStudioz

While in the X-Mansion, we get a quick glimpse of the cast who showed up in full costume to appear in the movie for just a few seconds.

We get to see Beast, Quicksilver, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, and of course, Professor X.

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9. The Jared Kushner joke.

YouTube | 20th Century Fox

We never expected Deadpool to get political, but they went there.

DP asks Russell which one of the workers hurt him. Russell points to one slimy-looking man and DP asks, "Was it Jared Kushner?”

Referring to Donald Trump's son-in-law got a lot of laughs in the theater.

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10. The cure for blindness.

The Hollywood Reporter | The Hollywood Reporter

When Deadpool is in Blind Al's apartment, he opens up the floorboard to reveal a stash of drugs. Next to it? A bag marked "cure for blindness."

The best part is that in the first Deadpool movie, he literally says that the cure for blindness is "buried somewhere in the apartment."

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11. That brilliant Hulk reference.


When Deadpool is fighting Juggernaut, he says, "Hey, big guy. Sun's getting real low."Any fans of The Avengersknow that this was a call back to when Black Widow says the same thing to the Hulk to try and calm him down.

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12. When Deadpool calls Cable Thanos. 

Digital Spy | Digital Spy

Josh Brolin plays Cable in this movie, but Thanos in The Avengers movies (he's had a really busy few years, apparently).

Again, we're loving all the fourth wall breaking this movie has to offer.

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13. When Deadpool references The Goonies.

Spotern | Spotern

Way back in the day, Josh Brolin also appeared in The Goonies as "Brand" Walsh. It was actually his first-ever acting role.

As a subtle reference, DP also calls Cable "One-Eyed Willy."

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14. The perfect Wolverine soundtrack placement.

YouTube | 20th Century Fox

At the start of the movie, Deadpool goes on about how he can't believe they killed off Wolverine in Logan, and made a few other references to him throughout the movie.

At the end while Wade is dying, they actually play the exact same song that was playing during Wolverine's death.

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15. The end credits scene.

Scott Adkins | Scott Adkins

There are actually a few different scenes that play after the movie ends, and not everybody knows to stay until the very end!

There's a clip where Deadpool goes back in time to "clean up the timeline," and proceeds to shoot the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of Deadpool several times.

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16. The Green Lantern callback.

Variety | Variety

We also get a quick glimpse of Ryan Reynolds excitedly holding a Green Lantern script, but Deadpool quickly sneaks up behind him, shooting him and saying, "You're welcome, Canada."

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