With Just One Lotto Win, A Town Of 228 People Now Has 31 Millionaires

Diply 2 Mar 2018

Big lottery wins happen all the time. But sometimes, the circumstances of a jackpot make things historic.

That’s just what happened in the perfectly-named town of Come by Chance, Newfoundland and Labrador, on Canada’s east coast. It’s safe to say that Come by Chance will never be the same again.

Just 228 people live in Come by Chance.

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The tiny outpost is ground zero for Newfoundland’s oil refinery. This refinery is a true juggernaut, pumping out upwards of 115,000 barrels per day. But besides oil, it’s a pretty quiet place.

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That all changed with a historic lottery draw.

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Lots of people split lottery tickets, but never expect to win. Well, the oil workers of Come by Chance split a lottery ticket 31 ways — and they straight up won the jackpot.

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The jackpot was worth $60 million.

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That means the 31 members of the Boilermakers Local 203 trade union will each take home a little under $2 million apiece. That’s certainly not a bad payday, and five winners retired pretty much immediately.

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It’s the biggest lottery jackpot in the history of Atlantic Canada.

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Among the winners are a husband and wife, along with a father and son. In fact, three of the winners live on the same street in small town Newfoundland.

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The winners beat long odds.

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Winning the lottery is a nice fantasy, but the numbers are stark: According to the Atlantic Lotto Corporation, the odds of winning were one in 28.6 million.

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The winners hope to get their money soon.

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First, though, there’s a snag that needs to be ironed out: The lottery corporation says there may be a 32nd winner, and they need to sort this issue out first.

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The winners were given their big check in St. John's.

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They gathered at the convention center in St. John's, the biggest city in the province, to celebrate their good fortune.

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Other than the retirements, it's hard to know what's next for the lucky winners.

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I mean, if you want to keep it all for yourself, no one's going to stop you!

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This is sure to make things interesting in Come by Chance.

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It's actually just 31 people. But still: overnight, more than 13% of the population has become millionaires.

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All of the winners live in the area.

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As Peter Cowan notes, if you're nosey, here's the list. These are all hardworking union members — not a big city slicker among them.

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It's a rare bit of good news for Newfoundland.

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Jobs have been scarce on the east coast since the depletion of the area's cod fisheries, so it's great to see Newfoundlanders catch a break.

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Sometimes lotto wins get messy, but let's hope that doesn't happen here.

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By all accounts, the people who won are all great folks. Here's to you, newly-minted millionaires of Come by Chance!

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