16 Times Hipsters Ruined Restaurants For The Rest Of Us

Diply 15 May 2018

Just when you thought we'd all reached rock bottom when it comes to human ridiculousness, it turns out there's a basement.

Case in point: the following 16 images showcasing all the ridiculous ways "fancy" restaurants insist on serving food these days.

So turn your gaze to these gastric creations and their bizarre containers.

Warning: These pictures might make you hungry...as you weep for the future of humanity. So bring a snack and some tissues.

1. Some part of this is edible.

Reddit | Nemergon

It was served in a restaurant and brought by a waiter, soooooo, there's gotta be something you can eat here, right? You go first. I think I'll order some cheeseballs.

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2. Nothing like sipping a refreshing beverage out of a bird's butt. 

Reddit | guitarbuzzradio

Uh huh, I do so enjoy envisioning that I'm sucking pee out of a winged creature while I enjoy my overpriced side salad.

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3. And here we have chocolates on lichen-covered rock.

Reddit | alexanderwept

Served with dandelions and the blossoms of a lilac bush. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to eat this or hose it down with Miracle Grow.

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4. Pork belly amidst a test tube jungle.

Reddit | motleybrews

Seriously, just stop. You can't serve this crap. If someone has allergies, you're going to send them into anaphylactic shock, even if it comes with a side of Zyrtec.

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5. What fresh hell is this?

Reddit | iwzhzbb

You seem to be serving what appear to be cheeseballs out of a Nike crosstrainer at an establishment with marble tabletops. Go home, restaurant. You're drunk.

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6. Remember when "eat dirt" was an insult and no one tried to charge you $27 for it?

Reddit | Tutifante

Yes, those were the days. But who doesn't enjoy eating out of a terracotta planter? Everyone, that's who.

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7. Ah, yes. That rare delicacy: clothes line bacon.

Reddit | ShreddedC

If you're making this at home, don't forget to hang your bacon next to your laundry for that extra fresh flavor and grease stains all over your whites and delicates.

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8. "Shovel it in!" Get it?!

Reddit | MisterEntomologist

What's nice about this one is that after you've finished your breakfast, you can use the shovel to brain the idiot who thought this was an acceptable way to serve brunch.

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9. What's wrong with a plate? 

Reddit | saintursuala

Yes, that's right, you eat your dinner out of test tubes. Isn't that fun and novel?! No, it's not. Now bring me a plate with real food before I go mad scientist on your butt.

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10. Stop. Serving. Food. In. Shoes.

Reddit | bowersmatthew

No one wants to associate the food they put in their mouth with something they wear on their feet. It's not creative. It's not quirky. It's gross and unsanitary. And it needs to stop.

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11. Who wore it better: this doll or Lady Gaga? 

Reddit | drebler

So, you're going to peel off pieces of rare beef from this doll until she's just sitting there in a bucket of ice, naked, staring at you? Yep, sounds like a stellar dining experience.

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12. Yes, I'd love to eat boogers off a wooden hand.

Reddit | samreich

Fine, it's caviar. Whatever. Still looks like something that someone horked up after their antibiotics finally kicked in during a real bad sinus infection.

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13. Just give me a *@#$!&^ paper menu!

Reddit | RroseSselavy

Yes, your prices are quite reasonable. They'd probably be even more inexpensive if you hadn't opted to have your menu printed on a dang metal lunchbox, you waste of human hair.

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14. What the... I... What... Who... But...

Reddit | hahasorelevant

Is this an actual beverage, or did he pull this out of the garbage after someone jammed the remains of their avocado toast on the top? AND WHO EATS THAT MUCH AVOCADO WITHOUT TORTILLA CHIPS?!

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15. This must be the new floor-to-table dining experience people have been raving about. 

Reddit | c-rez

It's a unique new style top chefs have been trying. They forage around the floors of restaurants and sweep dinner right into a dustpan. You never know what you're gonna get!

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16. The ever popular kitty litter cupcakes. 

Reddit | ybeaver7

Have you ever looked into your cat's litter box and thought, "Wow, I wish I could eat that"? Well, lucky for you, you can now! I mean, you always could, but this way won't get you sick.

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