Any pet owner knows how odd animals can be at times. But we love them for their silly tendencies and how they never fail to make us laugh. Similar to the question about a tree falling in the forest and no one is around to hear it, do animals only do funny things when we're around to see them?

The finalists for this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography awards have been selected and they help bring the answer to light. Animals are dorks all the time, whether they live in our homes or are out in the wild.

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What did you just say?

Come here and tell me that to my face!

He probably worked so hard to make that snowball.

That's a good snowball.


I feel like this happens all too often.

That is the look of defeat and acceptance.

I make this face 20 times a day.

He must have seen the bird pooping on the buffalo.


Every morning I do this exact same stretch...

Then go right back to sleep.

Someone told a bad joke.

Can you guess who it was?



"Must you stand so close to me?"

Not a single care in the world.

This is the way to live.


Pure determination.

His little toes are so cute!

"He's doing it again, isn't he?"

Yeah...yeah he is.


My face every time someone surprises me.

Looks much better on a cheetah.

"This is a waltz, people, not a samba!"

"Let's take it from the top."


He reminds me of George Washington.

I would let him take full control of our political system.