13 Of The Highest Rated Sephora Products To Obsess Over

Diply 7 May 2018

You probably already know that Sephora is the mecca of all things beauty (duh)...

But what you might not know, is that their house brand, Sephora Collection, is dope AF! Not only is the line highly underrated, but many products are comparable to high-end.

Regardless of whether or not you really need more makeup, here are 13 top-rated products you're going to be obsessed with.

If Sephora was a cult, you sold your soul years ago!

1. Contour Blush Spice Market Palette (4.7 stars)

YouTube | howconnie

Colors of the world, spice up your life! Just in time for the Spice Girls reunion tour, Sephora has released the Blush Spice Market Palette to make all your contour dreams come true.

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2. Avocado Face Mask (4.7 stars)

YouTube | Julia Havens

Ever since the creation of avocado toast, the fruit holds a very special place in our heart. And now you can joyously slather it over your face with this nourishing Avocado mask (only $6!).

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3. Eyebrow Editor (4.5 stars)

YouTube | Walnut Avenue

Get your brows in formation with Sephora Collection's Eyebrow Editor. Tame, fill, and shape your brows with the travel-friendly kit. It even comes with the cutest little baby spoolie and tweezers I've ever seen.

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Don't mind me! Just over here channeling my inner Queen Bey.

Giphy | Giphy

Call me conceited, but you'll be trying hard not to stare at your reflection as you walk past store windows on the street... Sorry, not sorry! These eyebrows are on fleek.

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4. Total Coverage Sponge (4.5 stars)

Instagram | @beautydaez

There's no shame in buying a Beauty Blender dupe, and Sephora's Total Coverage Sponge is a great option. If you're like me, then you're still having hard feelings over spending $24 on a fancy foam sponge. Errrr...

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5. Lilly Lashes for Sephora (4.2 stars)

Instagram | @lillylashes

OMG. Who else gets weak in the knees for any type of Sephora collab?! These limited edition Lilly Lashes for Sephora Collection are fierce AF for when you need a little extra oomph.

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6. Bronzer Powder (4.1 stars)

YouTube | makeupandmary

Get glowing — no one needs to know it's fake, or that you're actually a distant cousin of Casper the Friendly Ghost. Sephora's Bronzer Powder will give you an ultra-natural tanned and radiant complexion.

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7. Flash Jumbo Lip Pencil (4.2 stars)

Instagram | @belle_et_chiic

They say that bigger is better... Bigger lip pencil, easier application (what did you think I was talking about?!). With one quick swipe, your pout will be looking delicious.

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8. Illuminate Palette (4.3 stars)

YouTube | Rosie Ziegler

I'm starting to forget what life was like before highlighter. Did cheekbones even exist back then? Because the Illuminate Palette will make those cheekbones pop off your face.

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If you catch yourself leaving the house in a matching glittering naked dress and cap, I wouldn't be surprised.

Giphy | Giphy

This highlighter palette will make you feel like the baddest b**** around... Watch out RiRi!

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9. Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation (4.1 stars)


Spray your way to perfection with Sephora Collection's Mist Airbrush Foundation. Perfect for the lazy girl: Spray it on a brush or straight onto your face!

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10. Cleansing and Exfoliating Wipes (4.4 stars)

Instagram | @ivyme.id

Second to avocados is our love for coconuts. These Cleansing and Exfoliating Wipes will remove makeup seamlessly and also make you feel like you're a VS model who just walked off the beach.

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11. Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner (4 stars)

YouTube | Sephora

Get that eyeliner as curvy and luscious as Kim K's behind with the Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner. Bonus points because your liner will also stay in place if you decide to ugly-cry*.*

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12. Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick (4.3 stars)

YouTube | Kristina Aranilla

There are literally so many shades of this Cream Lip Stain! In fact, there are probably more color options than creepers who slide into your DMs — and that's a lot!

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13. MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Powder (4.1 stars)

YouTube | Primetime Beauty

You can kiss the dreaded cake-face goodbye with Sephora's ultra-light MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Powder. The unique airy texture seamlessly melts into your face like a second skin for an #IWokeUpLikeThis look.

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As if you needed anymore convincing to spend half your life savings at Sephora. Well, now you have 13 more reasons!

Giphy | Giphy

Take your money and run...to the closest Sephora location.

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