Hide Things Around The House With 19+ Sneaky Hacks

Diply 20 Oct 2018

We all have a few valuable items we may want to keep hidden from others. Maybe it's spare keys or Grandma's old wedding rings or it could just be emergency cash.

Sure, you could go with a basic safe in the closet, but what fun is that? Here are a bunch of novel places to sneak a few things away around your home.

1. The classic fake book trick is classic for a reason.

Instructables | Eragon2014

These days, you can actually buy storage containers that look like fake books, but that's the problem: they look fake. Plus, if someone picked it up, the weight would immediately give away the ruse. Instead, make your own from a real book, a sharp knife, and some white glue using instructions from Eragon2014.

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2. Try a shelf with a hidden compartment.

Mother Daughter Projects | Mother Daughter Projects

Thick, chunky shelves are in style, so why not take advantage of it? This chunky, card catalog-inspired shelf from Mother Daughter Projects uses magnets to secure the false front. Chic and sneaky!

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3. Use a picture frame.

Instructables | watcan

There's no special trick to this hack by watcan on Instructables, which is why it's so genius. Simply slide a few bills between the photo and the cardboard back. This is probably best suited for emergency cash, since anything thicker wouldn't fit.

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4. Repurpose a pad package to keep pick pockets away.

Reddit | ResidentAlbatross78

It's easy for quick fingers to snatch a wallet from an unattended purse, but most thieves aren't in the market for feminine hygiene products.

You could also roll up some bills and slide them into an empty tampon applicator.

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5. Make a trick deck of cards.

YouTube | Household Hacker

This one works similarly to the book in that is involves cutting and gluing a section in the middle to create a hollow. By leaving loose cards on the top and bottom, like Household Hacker, it adds to the illusion.

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6. Hide things in your dining chairs.

Instructables | Hiyadudez

Hiyadudez on Instructables has a great step-by-step tutorial for this one. Besides hiding things, I actually think that this is just a good storage solution. You could totally keep your Christmas table cloth or something in there.

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7. Give your potted plant a false bottom.

YouTube | Blossom

This probably works best with a fake plant, but all you need is a plastic container and a pot with a slight taper towards the bottom. That way, the container will only slide down part way, leaving a secret cubby at the bottom. Thanks for the tip, Blossom!

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8. Use the space under the bottom drawer.

Instructables | Waldemar Sha

Since most drawers don't sit right on the floor, you probably have some space hidden at the bottom of that dresser or desk. Just pull out the bottom drawer, like Waldemar Sha did, to access it.

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9. Modify an old can of spray paint.

Instructables | seamster

Check out the instructions by seamster on Instructables. Adding a marble to the mix will even make it sound the same if someone starts shaking the can.

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10. Inside a hollow curtain rod.

Instructables | RustyF2

If you have wooden curtain rods, this probably wouldn't work, but metal or plastic rods are usually hollow. It yours are, you can fit a roll of bills in there until the end cap. Thanks to RustyF2 for this tip.

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11. Give a tissue box a false bottom.

Instructables | gravityisweak

I'd say this option by gravityisweak on Instructables is more for short-term hiding, since a cardboard box will only last so long. But I could see it being handy for parents or roommates that want to keep a treat for themselves.

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12. Roll a few bills up inside an empty chapstick.

Reddit | GrouchyManner

These tricks are great for bags when traveling or slipping into a pocket. My only worry would be helpful housemates "tidying" up. So don't leave things that could be confused for trash where others might be likely to come across them.

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13. Stash things away in an empty soda can.

Instructables | WarriorStudio

This is another one like the chapstick. If you're trying to hide something specifically from housemates, tricks like this one by WarriorStudio don't work as well. If someone lifted the can (either to tidy or drink), they'd immediately know something was up.

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14. Keep copies of important documents in a hollow core door.

Instructables | makingthings

You can fit a couple of hanging file folders in there, and no one would ever know. Check out the post by makingthings on Instructables for the full instructions.

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15. Retrofit an old stuffed animal.

Instructables | Hectors helpers

This DIY by Hectors helpers involves cutting the head off of a cute toy, but as long as there isn't a kid (or dog) around that would want to play with it, no one will ever guess.

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16. Most trophies are hollow.

Instructables | KliewerTheEngineer

That means you can disassemble one like KliewerTheEngineer on Instructables did to create a hidden storage space, and trophies don't tend to be picked up by random people on a regular basis.

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17. Add a fake outlet.

Instructables | TheUnknownVariable

This is another hideaway where you can actually buy a product specifically to make it. But it's just as easy to make it yourself with an outlet you no longer use. Thanks for the tip, TheUnknownVariable!

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18. Hollow out that old deodorant.

Instructables | coolstructables

You'll want a fully opaque container for this, so avoid brands with thin plastic. You can actually fit quite a bit into those small containers, just like coolstructables did on Instructables.

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19. Hide things in the pantry with a fake jar of popcorn.

Instructables | attosa

All you need for this hack by attosa is a jar and an empty water bottle that fits inside. The water bottle becomes the storage compartment.

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You don't need to use popcorn kernels, either.

Instructables | attosa

Choose something that fits with your pantry, but isn't commonly used. Just don't choose whole grains or something like whole-wheat flour, because those go rancid in long-term storage.

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20. Keep roommates away from your treats by disguising them.

YouTube | Blossom

Blossom chose a mayo jar, but I'd suggest using a condiment that's a little less used. Your roommates will never sneak your treats again!

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21. No one would ever suspect a candle as your secret stash spot. 

Instructables | Von Malegowski

Von Malegowski shows us how to hollow out the bottom of a candle on Instructables. Just make sure no one burns the candle all the way to the end!

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22. Freezing it inside meat is a hardcore hiding place.

Instructables | janetandrade81

You're going to really want to hide something and not need it quickly later, but no one will ever guess that frozen pork in the freezer is actually hiding something. Thanks, janetandrade81!

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23. When in doubt, wrap a clean diaper around it.

Reddit | TheDanimal8888

No one is going to pick up a random dirty diaper and unwrap it to see if there's actually money inside. Though if you don't have a young child with you, people may question it.

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