Have you ever discovered something in the strangest of places and immediately had your mind blown, like when someone pointed out to you that there's a hidden arrow inside the FedEx logo? Yeah, it's there!

Some of these surprises are on purpose, like the designer who decided to tuck a toothpick inside of a plastic spoon because that is just smart planning. 


Or how about the genius who decided to install a bottle opener right next to a hotel's shower? Suddenly, I'm motivated to actually wash my hair more than once a week.

There are others that are likely not expected to be discovered. For example, when the shoe-deodorizing spray that is revealed to be anti-antiperspirant for women when the wrapping is pulled away? Excuse me as I question what I've been putting on my body for all these years. 

Then, there are the happy surprises that totally seem to defy science, such as the egg within an egg that had me staring at the screen for a good five minutes. Or how about the li'l baby tangerine inside a mama tangerine? Double tangerine, y'all! 

Check out the video below to see some crazy gems that people came across in the most unexpected places. 

Let us know in the COMMENTS which treasure that someone found was the weirdest.