19+ Heartwarming Pics That Deliver The Smiles

Diply 20 Oct 2018

You can't tell me we couldn't all use a few more smiles in our days. I mean, you could, but I wouldn't believe you. There's no such thing as too many smiles!

But hey, if you need a reason to grin, you could do much, much worse than these pics. There's just some pure, wholesome goodness on display, and if you can't break a smile for that, well, keep trying!

1. When this kid wouldn't stand still for a family picture, Bill Murray took matters into his own hands — literally.

Reddit | kappanyu

Which makes for a much more memorable picture, don't you think? Fun fact: the guy next to Bill is PGA golfer Rocco Mediate.

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2. When somebody found an injured pigeon, they set up a little home to keep it safe and dry while it recuperated.

Reddit | charleytanx

And it definitely seemed to appreciate the gesture, making itself nice and cozy inside.

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3. That's the look of sheer joy from a person who's experiencing snow for the first time in their life.

Reddit | Gfd_Rewq

Something tells me the novelty will wear off after shoveling the driveway a few times, but it's great to see someone reveling in the magic.

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4. In the wake of Hurricane Michael, this guy fortunately avoided much of the damage, so he loaded up on supplies for neighbors who weren't so lucky.

Reddit | cabezagrande23

This is the kind of generosity the world really needs.

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5. This guy is a fixture in Panama City, Florida, known for waving signs with positive messages at drivers. 

Reddit | theflyingburritto

And he was back at it, spreading love and smiles within days of Hurricane Michael passing through.

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6. If this isn't the look of a loving father, I don't know what is.

Twitter | @KieranGlass

Be honest, could you really resist that little girl if she wanted to do her dinner tea party style?

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7. You've got to give it to this guy, he didn't give up, and didn't let pride get in the way of his job search, and it paid off. 

Twitter | @MuhammadLila

And you have to hand it to all the wonderful people out there who did take a resume from him and tried to help — that's the kind of world I want to live in.

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8. "My friend thinks she is a work in progress, so I made her this," wrote Reddit user wholesomebeast. "Her nickname is ship."

Reddit | wholesomebeast

What a great thing to do for a friend. And, just a reminder, we're all works in progress, and all masterpieces, too.

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9. These guys aren't actual monks, they just like to dress like monks when they hand out free food on campus in England.

Reddit | Foxcode99

Apparently they call themselves the "Curry Brotherhood" and they love handing out packs of curry to hungry students. Because why not have some fun while you perform acts of kindness?

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10. As a graduation gift, a father found and restored this motorbike for his son.

Reddit | phuhuutin

There's a whole lot of love in that bike, so you know this is a special, treasured gift.

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11. This teacher of a high school media studies class incorporated some of the class' studies right into the grades, printing out meme stickers to put on the students' work.

Twitter | @axfxq

One of those small things that has to make a big difference to those kids.

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12. When a fellow gamer noticed that this guy was using a textbook as a mousepad after saving up for a proper gaming computer, they wanted to buy the guy a real mousepad.

Reddit | Darthkitykat

Just a nice thing from a stranger on the internet!

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13. The gaming community does stick up for each other, like the folks who helped keep this guy's spirits up during a rough stretch in the hospital.

Reddit | Yakev

You have no idea how much a little Nintendo fun can mean to someone.

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14. Giving your wedding guests sparklers to provide an epic send-off will absolutely work, but would it be the same without the amazing photobomb, too?

Reddit | muzungu616

Yep, this picture is a keeper.

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15. "I made a wedding pact with my best friend 15 years ago. After I came out to her and her family, I always told her, 'no matter what, I will marry you.' I just officiated her wedding with 200 guests present," wrote Reddit user jhvk. 

Reddit | jhvk

"She gave me the picture I photoshopped in high school of us together at different proms."

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16. "My parents had to postpone their wedding due to my Dad’s Aplastic Anemia diagnosis. He was given a 3% chance to live, and when he did he was told he couldn’t have kids," wrote Reddit user jaspersjourney. "Here he is walking me down the aisle 39 years later on my parents original wedding date."

Reddit | jaspersjourney

And many onions were cut during the ceremony.

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17. This couple just wanted to share their joy at surviving 41 years of marriage.

Reddit | doinmybest4now

And they mean survive quite literally — he, an organic chemist, saved her life after she "developed an extremely rare vasculitis [...] He came up with a theory that it was caused by an underlying fungal infection and got me into a drug trial for an antifungal medication and after 20 months I was considered to be in remission and have never had a relapse. That was in 1989."

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18. "Growing up, my parents were strictly anti-dog. Since I’ve moved out I think they must really miss me," wrote Reddit user doylehawk.

Reddit | doylehawk

"Meet Walker(right) Lincoln(center) and the new arrival Boone(the baby on the left). That’s the happiest I’ve ever seen my dad."

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19. "When I was younger I had dreams of being this hardcore gangster rapper," wrote Reddit user joeykadesh. "I guess things change."

Reddit | joeykadesh

Or — and this is just an idea — hardcore rap about bottle feeding kittens. Instant hit, amirite?

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20. This guy is going for fiancé of the year as he climbs a rope to rescue a dog that got itself stuck on a steep incline.

Reddit | astroeel

And I think he definitely deserves that title.

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21. When this poor pooch had to spend the night at the emergency clinic, his owner stayed right beside him for the whole night. 

Reddit | Lilbronxgurl95

Seeing this kind of love just makes my heart swell.

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22. Honestly, don't we all need a sweetly aggressive little sister to look out for us like this?

Twitter | @natfos

I have no idea if it actually worked and got her the raise, but the effort is nice, right?

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23. "Yesterday, the film I worked on for over a year screened at a local independent theatre, and it was one of the most incredible feelings I’ve ever experienced," wrote Reddit user Thejohnnycheese.

Reddit | Thejohnnycheese

Gotta give this guy his due, that's an amazing accomplishment — he should absolutely be proud of himself.

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24. This birthday card from daughter to mother is about as sweet as it gets.

Reddit | SimonThalmann

Not that there's anything wrong with being a horse, of course, but obviously unicorns win every time.

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