These Heartwarming Pics Are High Octane Smile Fuel

Diply 24 Sep 2018

Something I've discovered about tough times and feeling down is that doing nice things for people really is its own reward. Lifting the spirits of others lifts your own spirits, too.

And the more you do kind things, the more kind things you want to do — not for applause, not to be celebrated as a local hero or anything, but to help people who need help. And hey, wouldn't we all want folks like that to be around to step up when we need help, too?

1. Drawings of golf holes helped overturn Valentino Dixon's wrongful conviction for murder.

Georgetown University | Georgetown University

Valentino served 26 years of his sentence before sending his drawings of golf holes he'd created in prison to the editors of Golf Digest, along with a note. The editors decided to look into his case, and, with the help of Georgetown University law students, Valentino's case was reopened and the real killer was convicted.

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2. In addition to books, the New York Public Library lends work fashion accessories for things like interviews, weddings, or other formal events.

New York Public Library | New York Public Library

Just think what a difference that could make for someone who needs to make a good impression on a job interview!

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3. "The stranger who saved me from being kidnapped in my gym parking structure left this letter and an alarm for me at the front desk of the gym," wrote Reddit user wannaseemygenius.

Reddit | wannaseemygenius

That's a life-changing incident, and it's only made better by a good stranger who looks out for others — and follows up with a panic button alarm as a gift.

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4. When a flight was delayed for an hour due to weather, instead of indifference, this airline served up hot food and water for the passengers left waiting.

Reddit | Uvicit

The food probably wasn't Cordon bleu or anything, but still, it's a welcome touch for weary travelers.

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5. This guy took the time to give a homeless man a proper shave, complete with a can of Barbasol, using a straight razor.

Reddit | MsMoxieGirl

And if you've ever had a shave with a straight razor, you know how amazing this guy must have felt afterwards.

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6. After Hurricane Florence roared through the Carolinas, power was at a premium, but Duracell sent out portable charging stations to help out.

Reddit | Reddit

And they were giving away free batteries, too!

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7. Apparently, Kevin Smith carries a disposable camera around just in case a fan wants a picture with him but doesn't have a camera of their own.

Instagram | @thatkevinsmith

He'll print out the pics and post them on social media.

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8. When a guy who delivers for Uber Eats' battery died in the parking lot of a Sonic, a pair of employees and a customer dropped everything to give him a jump.

Reddit | tmlarsen96

They knew his livelihood was at stake!

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9. Reddit user rockjame wanted to give a shout-out to this guy, Eric the sandwich man, who "has been feeding the hungry people on the NYC subways for the last 15 years."

Reddit | rockjame

"Just thought he deserved some recognition for his hard work," they wrote. Can't argue with that!

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10. Morty, a rescue dog, jumped 30 feet out of a helicopter after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico when he smelled someone in need.

Reddit | Reddit

And he was right back in action in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

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11. This good soldier came to the rescue of his service dog, carrying him when temperatures soared to 117F (47C) so he wouldn't burn his paws.

Reddit | Onion_Do_Piaza

Brothers literally in arms always gets me misty.

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12. You have to think you're up for some kind of Uncle of the Year award when your nephew brings you into a popsicle conspiracy.

Reddit | Iron_Spencer

The kid just wants his uncle to enjoy a popsicle! So adorable.

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13. This little guy has a bright future after sneaking into his sister's carrier when she was being adopted.

Facebook | Happy Jack Cats, Inc.

Hercules might not look as strong as his namesake, but he sure has brains — and his efforts got him adopted, too!

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14. Desperate for work, De'Andre Matthews stood on a corner holding up a sign and handing out résumés, and someone even took his picture and uploaded it to Facebook.

Facebook | Steevo Wiltz Kaepernick

He stood out there for two hours, and when he got home, his phone started ringing. Within days he'd landed an interview, and was offered a job on the spot.

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15. When this stray dog interrupted a wedding ceremony to curl up on the bride's veil, the couple getting married took it as a good sign and adopted him.

Reddit | TheSoulOfTheRose

You have to love how sometimes dogs just know and choose their family.

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16. When this package got delivered to the wrong building, the recipient looked up the person who should have received it on Facebook to arrange a proper drop-off.

Reddit | dontknowwhyIamhere42

Much nicer than just keeping the package for themselves!

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17. "I saw a man on the train who noticed an older man struggling to find directions on his phone," wrote Reddit user Dex2Dex. 

Reddit | Dex2Dex

"He asked if he could help and spent the next 20 minutes teaching the him how to use google maps, GPS, and direction services."

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18. Police in Victoria, Australia came to the rescue of a family of magpies after a truck knocked the branch with their nest in it out of a tree.

Facebook | Victoria Police

Way to protect and serve even the birdies!

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19. "This man I know is feeding stray cats everyday for years," wrote Reddit user burakbarzo. "He helps them find humans too. Cats are still excited to see him come from a distance."

Reddit | burakbarzo

And their gratitude shows!

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20. A small gesture, but an important one, as somebody left an empty toilet roll on the rim to make it clear that the stall was out.

Reddit | RabidLime

Nobody's going to mistakenly sit down before realizing that they would be out of luck!

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21. This little fawn comes back to visit the goat farm that helped raise him for bottles of milk three times a day.

Facebook | Nightingale Farms

I think maybe they've made an impression on the little guy.

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22. This school's fourth-grade class challenged this police officer to take the same math test they were writing that day, and he did.

Reddit | Tackle3erry

Not sure how he fared, but it's still awesome to see him setting a good example.

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23. When this girl asked an ace photoshopper to erase the white spots her vitiligo had left on her skin, he came back with a wholesome, uplifting reply.

Reddit | Reddit

And he's not wrong!

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24. This gentleman was having trouble with something the doctor had affixed to his arm, so when this lady pulled into the parking lot and saw that, she didn't hesitate to help him out.

Reddit | WhoDatNtionSB44

Just strangers helping strangers!

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