14+ Handy Lifehacks To File Away For Later

Diply 5 Oct 2018

Back in the '80s, MacGyver used to get himself out of all kinds of jams by just using whatever happened to be around.

And although we probably can't defuse a bomb with a comb, two ketchup packets and a paper clip (I wouldn't try to prove me wrong), we can solve a lot more problems than we might expect by thinking like him.

Besides, there's nothing quite like realizing you had all the tools you needed all along. And these lifehacks should be great for that.

1. With winter on its way, now is the time to stock up on cold meds, cough syrup, and lozenges.

Reddit | dojowit

As one Redditor pointed out, it's far better to make that trip now than when 10 inches of snow will make those groggy, horrid feelings even worse.

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2. The more you know about the right time and place to call an Uber, the more money you'll save.

Reddit | okdiv

You'll see a surge in cost around rush hour and when the bars close, so time your trips with that in mind.

Also, if you're clubbing, you can also save by making the call a block or two away from the venue.

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3. If you drop something small, you can find it easier if you put a stocking or some pantyhose over a vacuum cleaner.

Pinterest | Sage Tuffield

If you put the toe end inside of the suction hose and slide the rest of the stocking over it, the stocking will catch the item you've lost without sucking it into the vacuum.

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4. Slip a layer of aluminum foil under an ironing board cover and you can finish the job in half the time.

YouTube | Household Hacker

That's because the foil will reflect the heat back underneath the clothes so you only have to do one side.

Better yet, you don't have to replace the foil as long as it stays smooth.

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5. Slide some scissors under a paper towel loop like this and you've got a way to hold your ice cream cone in place as you fill it.

Reddit | BupperDup1

Some folks may shake their heads at this one, but they've apparently got much softer ice cream in their house than I do.

Scooping that out may only be one job, but it can take two hands to do.

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6. If you're cooking with tomatoes, you can scoop that pesky stem out with a melon baller.

Reddit | katekowalski2014

And it's a good thing somebody found another use for this thing because you can only make so many melon balls before the feeling that this tool isn't pulling its weight sets in.

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7. If you dry yourself before leaving the shower, you'll feel warmer and the bath mat won't get so gross.

Reddit | annabellynn

This may seem obvious to some of you, but tell that to the people who've been trying to get their families to do it for years.

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8. When you make eggs, save the shells because you can use them to help clean the frying pan.


If you crush up those eggshells and add them to some soapy water, they can become a good, non-toxic abrasive to get those clingy bits of food off.

The finer you can crush them, the better.

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9. If a kid asks what kind of dinosaur their toy theirs is supposed to be and you're drawing a blank, try looking on the bottom.

Reddit | thebadgerden

Many dinosaur toys will actually list that next to the year and place that it was made. The kid will probably still be loaded with questions, but that takes care of one of them.

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10. When you microwave food, it will heat more evenly if you leave an empty circle in the middle.

Reddit | Omgpolly

Microwaves work a lot better on the edges of a plate than in the center, so this will help you avoid hitting weird cold patches when you eat.

This is also why covering as much of the plate as possible works better than piling the food up in the middle.

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11. When a container is too big for a sink, you can cut a hole in a jug and let it extend the tap's reach.

Reddit | GalraPrincess

This trick also works if you set a clean dustpan in the sink with the wide end facing the tap. The point is that you have options here.

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12. If you get lost while driving alone, you can hold your phone in place for directions using a rubber band.

YouTube | DaveHax

Thread the band through the top of the air vent and use a pen to help pull it through the bottom. Now, you should have two loops of that band in your hands. Put your phone through those loops and you've got it!

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13. If you're wondering what to do with the last little sliver of soap, it can find a new home on a fresh bar.

Reddit | questionthatdrivesus

Wait until you're done your shower and then gently press the sliver into the new bar and let it dry. It works best if the new bar is also slightly wet.

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14. You can make bananas ripen slower by wrapping cling wrap around the stems.

YouTube | Lar&Tiff A Little Bit of Everything

If you use a piece of plastic wrap about the size of your fist, that should be enough to wrap tightly around the "crown" of the bunch.

If you remove and reset the wrap each time you take a banana, they should last about three to five days longer.

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15. If it's not too late, planting flowers around the mailbox may not be the best of ideas.

Reddit | SVTterminator

The mail carrier might think they're pretty, but they'll definitely change their tune if they're afraid of bees. Although, if they recently ignored the "do not bend" warning on your mail, I won't say anything.

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16. If you have an old coin where the text is accidentally written twice, keep it. It's probably worth some money.

YouTube | Coin Opp

This is especially true if it's a penny from 1955, because it's one of only about 20,000 in the world. Because of this, one of them in good condition could be worth about $1,800.

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17. If you have a song you hate stuck in your head, this simple trick might at least change the tune.


Try listening to a song you like and know well, but stop playing it about halfway through. Hopefully, your mind will focus on the parts that come after where you stopped, and now that song will be stuck in your head.

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18. If you go shopping on an empty stomach, you'll likely end up spending more than you want to.

Reddit | gatorb888

This doesn't just apply to grocery shopping. Researchers at University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management found that hunger can increase the need to buy things that aren't even food-related.

If hunger could make their test subjects want more binder clips, it can make us want more of anything.

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19. Putting your alarm on the other side of your room won't give you much of an opportunity to hit the snooze.

Reddit | mattb574

Which may not be what we want in that moment, but at least we won't catch any grief from the boss. Bonus points if your alarm sounds as annoying as mine does.

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20. Going through that drawer with all the cords will be much less of an ordeal if you put a clothespin on each one.

Reddit | Reddit

And if that seems like it might be too harsh on the cords, a twist tie can work just as well. As long as they're not getting tangled, do you.

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21. If traditional mouse traps aren't cutting it, a trash can and a wheelbarrow might be what you've been looking for all along.

Reddit | fluffinatorfluffins

At least, that's what one Redditor found when they put some dog food at the bottom of a 19-inch tall trash can and placed the wheelbarrow next to it as a ramp.

Not only did they catch several mice at once, but they did it all without hurting any.

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22. If you put a bunch of napkins over the grub when you get fast food, it'll keep it warm for longer.

Getty Images | PhotoAlto / Odilon Dimier

If you've always felt that they give you more napkins than you need, now you've found a way to put them to good use.

One Redditor said it extended that fresh warmth by a half hour.

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23. If you need to clip a bag shut, the little clip on a pen will do the job.

Twitter | @scixpmas

So not only can you keep your chips fresh, but you can give that little clip a new purpose now that people have stopped using pocket protectors.

I love a happy ending.

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24. Ah, it's good to see that somebody's finally found a way for us to binge in full recline.

Reddit | amanagr13

And the best part is that even if it all falls apart, the worst you're gonna get is a phone and a few books to the gut.

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