12+ Hacks For Organizing Your Workspace

Diply 29 Aug 2018

When you first get a new workspace or office, it's so extremely exciting.

What you don't realize is how easily cluttered and unorganized these spaces become. From wires to stationary, things get hectic! So, if a messy office life sounds like you right now, then maybe it's time for a bit of reorganization.

Here are some tips, DIYs, and hacks for you to try so that you can have the neat and tidy workspace that you need for complete productivity!

1. Wire hack! Use binder clips to hold them in place.

YouTube | Business Insider

Binder clips are cheap and can be found at any dollar store. Clip them to your desk and use them to keep your cords nice and close to you without making a cord clutter. Business Insider knows what's up.

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2. It's time to introduce yourself to the folder life. You'll thank us eventually.

YouTube | Chatelaine

Chatelaine used funny phrases on the folders to organize their office papers. You'll know what needs to get done right away with these. If papers don't fit into any of the three categories, TOSS THEM!

You're welcome.

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3. Small office desk? Don't worry! Try this.

Imgur | Imgur

If your desk is metal underneath, there's absolutely no reason why you can't use magnets to hang some items underneath. This hack will keep your desk surface free, and no coworkers will steal your items! #OfficeWin

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4. You need to get with the cord basket life, like, yesterday. 

YouTube | VasseurBeauty

Don't you hate when there is a tangle of cords at your feet? Like I said, in the office, cords will be everywhere. Try VasseurBeauty's hack by screwing a basket under your desk to keep them out of your way.

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5. With some beads, you can create a wheel for you to wrap your headphones around.

YouTube | Kin

Sometimes you just need music to get you through the work day, but headphones clutter up your desk when not in use. This DIY from Kin will keep you so organized! Plus, you won't lose them.

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6. There's never enough hacks for cord clutter!

YouTube | Do It On A Dime

You can't have all your cords plugged in at once (you would run out of outlets). Keep a basket in one of your drawers! With this idea from Do It On A Dime, you'll always be able to find what you're looking for!

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7. Uh-oh. Your phone, your iPod, and your FitBit died —everything needs to be charged!

YouTube | Live Your Style

Don't worry — a USB port is the perfect way for you to easily charge everything that you need to. (After you pull your cords out of your new drawer basket, amirite?)

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You can find one of these babies in most places that sell tech.

Amazon | Amazon

Oooorrr, you can order it from the comfort of home and never have to leave your house (that's the hope, anyway). Luckily for you, Amazon has this for under $10!

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8. Here's another way to organize your papers in an efficient way!

YouTube | Rachelleea

If you prefer binders over folders, it's NBD. Just create labels and shove them through the plastic part of the binder. Rachelleea created some for documents and receipts. Perfect for tax season!

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9. Have you ever went to unplug something and you accidentally unplug something important? Yeah, same.

Instagram | @loraasyxe

By using the bread tag hack from Instagram user @loraasyxe, you won't ever lose all your precious work with this mistake again. This is organization at its finest.

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10. When you have keys to get into work, home, drawers in your desk, and other places, you can easily forget which go with what lock.

Instagram | @eacreationsbyerica

Painting your keys like Instagrammer @eacreationsbyerica will help you remember! This will save you so much time trying each key to see if it works.

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11. You may not have thought about this before, but a rolling cart is actually so necessary for the office.

Clean & Scentsible | Clean & Scentsible

Especially when you don't have a lot of desk space. Clean and Scentsible uses theirs for books, files, and binders. These are items known to clutter, so keeping them separate is perfect!

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12. When you go to work, it's easy to just throw all your stuff on top of your desk. Try adding a basket!

YouTube | Chatelaine

Chatelaine shows us how a basket is perfect for setting your keys, headphones, charger, cell phone, or any other home items in during your work day

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13. I said it before, baskets are a major yes when it comes to organizing.

YouTube | VasseurBeauty

You can get metal baskets at the dollar store in all different sizes to make little compartments in each drawer. VasseurBeauty was able to organize so much! You can now find a place for all of those elastics!

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14. Despite all your organizing, sometimes there really just isn't enough space in the office. Wood pallets are handy when this happens.

Calm Cradle Photo & Design | Calm Cradle Photo & Design

Just like you see above from Calm Cradle Photo & Design, you can use wood pallet crates to make a simple bookshelf. Time to stack!

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15. Okay, this hack is seriously genius!

YouTube | Troom Troom

Not only is this super inexpensive to do, but it's super easy. Just attach washi tape to your paper clips and use them as book markers! Perfect for keeping important notes handy. Thanks, Troom Troom!

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